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Why Is Composite Fencing So Expensive


Why is  Composite Fencing So Expensive?

Many homeowners balk at the higher prices of composite fencing compared to traditional wood. But there are very good reasons for the higher MexyTech composite fencing costs.

MexyTech WPC Composite fencing is an investment that saves money over time. Made from recycled wood fibers and plastic, quality composites never rot, crack or splinter like wood. The durable material retains its integrity and appearance for over 20 years with practically no maintenance required.

Composite’s longevity also makes it eco-friendly by using fewer replacement materials over decades.  

While cedar wood fencing runs $17-25 per foot, composite averages $25-48 installed. The wood requires frequent sealing, staining, repairing and full replacing every 5-10 years adding up in costs and labor. Composite fencing one-time installation brings long-term reliability.

Like premium decking, higher-end fence composites offer thicker boards and stronger construction that stands up to weathering year after year. Costlier manufacturing provides unrivaled resistance to warping, moisture damage, mold and pests that plague wood.

The saying "go cheap and buy twice" applies to basic fencing. Pay more for quality composite fencing just once, and enjoy near-zero upkeep and enduring function for over 20 years. MexyTech eco-wood plastic composites blend strength, sustainability and natural looking beauty that lasts.




Composite Fence Panels with Classic TrellisComposite Fence Panels with Classic TrellisComposite Fence Panels with Classic TrellisComposite Fence Panels with Classic TrellisComposite Fence Panels with Classic Trellis

Design Sketches

Composite Fence Panels with Classic Trellis

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