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Privacy Fence

Let's face it – when it comes to your property, few things are more frustrating than having nosey neighbors always trying to see what's going on! However, it doesn't necessarily have to be this way, which is why our specialist privacy fences might be the ideal solution for your needs. Designed with your full privacy in mind, our privacy fences help keep your garden secure while stopping prying eyes from easily seeing in.

Your Home’s Privacy is Vital

 Without a doubt, keeping your home safe and secure can often seem tough – but we here at MexyTech are proud to be making a difference. Because we understand your privacy’s importance, we have created our specialist privacy fence solutions with the highest-quality materials. Each fence panel slots easily into the post to ensure you’re getting a durable finish that won’t leave you feeling exposed.

As such, our privacy fence might be ideal if you need privacy for your relaxation time or if you’re simply looking to keep prying eyes away from your garden and its contents. Contact our team today if you’d like to learn more; we’re here to help.

Specialist Privacy Fence Solutions to Keep Your Garden Safe

 If you’ve been looking for specialist privacy fence solutions that can help keep your garden safe, our unique multi-angle privacy fence could be perfect for your needs. Capable of staying stable and strong anywhere up to a Wind Level of 9 while offering straightforward installation and a stunning final finish, you’ll adore the new look this privacy fence can offer your garden.

For foreign customers, we exploited a new product series called MecoFence, which can be flexible for different architectural designs. MecoFence can be widely applied to yards, bridges, parks, residential districts, city green belts, garden parterre, etc.


Privacy FencePrivacy FencePrivacy FencePrivacy Fence


Pencil, Electric Drill, Impact Drill, Hammer, Level Ruler, Electric Saw,

Tapeline, Expansion Screws, Round Head Drilling Screws


Fence Panels, Post, Side Cover, Post Base, Rail, Cap, Corner Brace

WPC Fence Installation

WPC Fence Installation

WPC Fence Installation

WPC Fence Installation

WPC Fence Installation

*Notice: At least a 4mm gap between the inner side of the posting groove and the WPC fence board.

Design Sketches

Wood Plastic Composite Fence

Please Click Here to Check WPC Decking Projects.

Decorative Privacy Fence Ideas

With so many options to decide upon below are a few that can help you determine what will be the right choice for your home or fencing.

Metal Fencing

Most common in residential and commercial areas because they are durable, resistant to fading, and add a modern elegant look to any entryway. Metals can range from aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel, or wrought iron all of which are great choices for that clean modern look that will also be durable.

Wooden Fences

Wood adds a level of elegance, simplicity, and coziness to any space. It can feel welcoming and modern when used for fencing with plants surrounding it and on top of that is cost-effective. Varying wood stains and styles give you the freedom to explore.

PVC Fences

When in search of privacy and durability PVC fencing is an excellent choice to check off those boxes. With a wide range of colors and sizes, exploring your options within PVC fences will be exciting as you will know it will have a long life span.

Brick Walls

Providing a homey and cozy environment is what brick is known for. Along with durability, you can rest assured that your property will be well protected as well by its sturdy nature.

Iron Fencing

A sophisticated and refined look is what iron fencing will bring to your home. Not only does it look elegant, but it also protects your property at a cost-effective rate as well.

Glass Panels

For a modern clean look that is easy to maintain, glass panels will be the way. They not only are easy to clean but will elevate the appearance of your home with their simplicity.

Composite Fence

With a provided natural wooden look, composite fencing is a simple, modern, and beautiful addition to any home or backyard.

What to consider when choosing:

● Style / Aesthetic

● Durability & Maintenance

● Protection of your home

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