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With extensive experience in the decking industry, MexcyTech has developed a game-changing design that seamlessly merges innovation and comfort ——the groundbreaking Invisible Gap Design. This design breakthrough serves as the foundation of ZipDeck, our unwavering dedication to delivering users with an unparalleled decking experience.

Expand Your Flooring From The House To Backyard

 The Invisible Gap Design Advantage
A Seamless Aesthetic
Imagine a deck that appears as a single, continuous surface without the interruptions of visible gaps. ZipDeck achieves this seamless aesthetic by intelligently integrating concealed gaps, creating a visually stunning and cohesive outdoor environment. Whether for residential patios or commercial spaces, the Invisible Gap design elevates the overall appearance of any setting.



 Easy to Assemble
 Easy to Dismantle
 Smart and Patented Clip
Smart and Patented Clip
 For Replacement and Cleaning

For Replacement and Cleaning
No Screws, No Electric Drill
Save time and cost on labour
Practical Benefits
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Invisible Gap design offers practical advantages. With concealed gaps, ZipDeck minimizes the accumulation of debris, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. The design also promotes proper ventilation, preventing issues like water pooling and enhancing the longevity of the deck.



Elevating Outdoor Living
ZipDeck's commitment to innovation extends beyond aesthetics and functionality. The Invisible Gap design redefines outdoor living by providing a comfortable and safe platform for various activities. Whether hosting gatherings, enjoying a quiet moment, or simply appreciating the beauty of the outdoors, ZipDeck enhances the overall experience.
What does the “No gap” mean in ZipDeck?
Contrary to the traditional idea of seamlessness, ZipDeck's design takes it a step further. The deck boards' connection appears seamless and is enhanced by a clever hydrophobic feature. This means that, despite the seamless appearance, the deck boards are designed to repel water, guaranteeing durability and minimizing the need for maintenance.
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