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Composite Wood Tiles

   Big Strong Decking Tile


Big strong Decking tile system is one new product we developed for Euro and North America clients.


01 Save at least 30% labor cost and working time.
02 It can work with a pedestal system when you need a rising installation.
03 No deformation because the aluminum joist system can provide better mechanical properties than the plastic basement.
04 DIY possible.
05 100% original patented design from MexyTech.

wooden tiles for balcony
interlocking deck tiles on grass
   Excellent Structure
By using Aluminum as the frame, it does not rust and has good durability and structural strength. We choose the black color for the aluminum frame, which is better hiding.
   Elegant Design
600*600mm module, this design is more suitable for the quick installation of small gardens or small projects, and it looks elegant.
    Good Flexibility
lt can be equipped with a pedestal for installation. It has good flexibility for the ground that needs to be raised.

   Suprotect Decking Tile


Suprotect decking tile is a new product using the technique of extruding multiple layers of composite wood simultaneously. The outmost layer can provide the best weathering resistance, hardness, natural appearance, and UV resistance, while the inner layer can meet the mechanical requirements.


01 Advanced co-extrusion Technique.
02 Easy installation and disassemble.
03 DIY according to your home design.
04 Basement has a matching color with deck boards.
05 Baby playground – no harmful elements to your beloved.


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