How Can I Make WPC Fence More Attractive?

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Wondering how to make your WPC fence more attractive? Here are a few novel ideas that will not break your budget.

1. Peek a Boo

A lot of people think a fence is something that should hide your property from prying eyes. Do away with the full panel fence and try out a slatted fence. This not only gives you more light but also makes your garden or property appear bigger. In a sense, it gives your visitors a peek of what lies beyond. This works well with a property that is adjacent to an open field or a small grove.

2. A Splash of Color

You can paint your otherwise dull fence with a splash of color that blends well with your surroundings. A WPC fence can be painted over several times so you do not need to worry about the material deteriorating or being destroyed by the paint. A picket fence will look very attractive once it is painted a bright color. On the other hand, a solid fence can serve as a backdrop for parties and other gatherings. Colors can also separate areas of your garden or property.

Aside from color, well-placed lighting can also add to the ambiance of a fence and the property. Consider lights that are low to the ground so you have a better view of where you are going. You can also add a string of small bulbs on the fence for a warm and cozy appeal.

3. Mix Materials

Instead of using one kind of material for your fence, opt to mix materials for a modern and comfortable look. One example of mixed materials is the use of a WPC fence with stone. The wood composite usually blends well with stone and other natural materials commonly used for fences or walls.

Another nice combination is WPC and brick. You can use bricks as the base and add the WPC fencing above it. You can choose to have gaps in your fence o have it solid.

Another great combination for a more attractive fence is wrought iron and wood composite. Although the combination may seem traditional, there are some tweaks that you can add to make it appear more modern.

4. Use Plants

Plants add a nice, natural touch to any kind of fence. Creeping vines or ivy give a house a homey look. You do need to trim these kinds of climbing plants because they tend to follow the sun and may grow too far from the actual fence. Trimming and pruning will keep the clinging plants tidy. Aside from creating a beautiful contrast, plants also attract wildlife.

Another suggestion is to use raised beds beside the fence for a natural look around your house. These beds can contain the ivy that will eventually climb up the fence. Your WPV fence can also serve as a frame or backdrop for your flowers. The beds can also be a buffer from prying eyes especially if the fence is slatted or has gaps.

You can also use your utilitarian fence as a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are the rage these days because they add more greenery to your property, especially if you live in a city with minimal space for plants. These vertical gardens also help reduce noise pollution, cool the surroundings, and provide fresh air in the city.

Hanging some plants on the fence itself will break the monotony of a solid fence. Planters can also be placed on top of low posts that support the fence to add some greenery and attraction. Corners will benefit from large, potted plants that give your area a sense of nature and freshness.

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