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How to Install Composite Fencing

In many cases, investing in a brand new fence for your home or commercial property can seem like a hassle. And, let's be honest – there's nothing more disappointing than putting up a new fence, only to find it cramps the feel of spaciousness in your garden or outdoor area. Well, luckily, this doesn't have to be the case, and our stunning woven fence might be just the alternative you need.
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How to Install Composite Fencing

Installing WPC fencing is easier than traditional wood and more durable. Here are tips for proper composite fence installation:

For in-ground installation, dig post holes and embed fence posts in concrete. For installation on existing surfaces like concrete, use aluminum post mount bases secured with anchors.

MexyTech Mecofence  design allows for installation at any angle from 0-180 degrees. This is superior to basic systems limited to 90 or 180 degrees. The flexibility allows composite fencing even in tight or irregularly-shaped areas.

Install the bottom rail first, then secure the fence boards to the posts and rail. Install the fence panels one piece at a time without any screws, preferably installing the top rail. Easy installation.


Follow all manufacturer instructions carefully, and view installation videos online on Youtube for extra guidance. Proper installation is key to wind-resistant fencing. SGS lab testing proves fences installed to spec withstand winds up to 110mph.

It's easy to DIY with composite kits. But for large installations, consider hiring professional composite fence installers to ensure proper techniques.

Investing in quality materials and proper installation results in long-lasting, resilient composite fencing that maintains its integrity and appearance for decades.  



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