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Woven Wood Fence Panels

In many cases, investing in a brand new fence for your home or commercial property can seem like a hassle. And, let's be honest – there's nothing more disappointing than putting up a new fence, only to find it cramps the feel of spaciousness in your garden or outdoor area. Well, luckily, this doesn't have to be the case, and our stunning woven fence might be just the alternative you need.

The Importance of a Quality Fence

Your home is your castle, as they say. But, when other people are staring at your home or commercial property – be it your neighbors, passers-by, or the like – it’s easy to feel uncomfortable. Luckily, a high-quality fence can help with this.

With a top-quality woven fence, you help ensure your outdoor space looks and performs at its best. Moreover, you help prevent prying eyes from looking in. You could even dissuade thieves from attempting to take your belongings for their own.

Stunning Woven Fences to Add a Little Luxury

A top-quality fence is vital to keep your home or commercial property safe and comfortable. However, in many cases, it can seem like we have no option other than to compromise on either durability or aesthetics.

But why should it have to be this way? Fortunately, with our stunning woven fence design, you won’t have to. Made from 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials(WPC), our stunning woven fence is UV resistant, insect resistant, and fully waterproof. Plus, each fence is available in various colors, and the unique woven design adds a little extra charm and magic to your property as a result. So, why not give it a try – you might at amazed by the value our woven fences could bring!

Because the high praise of the co-extrusion woven fence gave us great confidence in co-extrusion WPC fence development, we opened a new mold for the privacy fence. After the marketing research,

we will promote two colors for the WPC fence at the beginning, and we have displayed the latest products in our showroom.

Woven Wood Fence PanelsWoven Wood Fence Panels


Design Sketches

Woven Wood Fence Panels

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