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Suprotect Decking

No Gap Suprotect WPC

There is often a very large gap between two boards that both use traditional installation, which can understandably give rise to several potential problems:
*Heels could get stuck in the gaps, which could cause an injured / twisted ankle.
*Small items and belongings, such as earrings or bracelets, could potentially drop through the gaps, and retrieving these may prove difficult.
*People visiting your home or you and your family members can see the clips or joists through the gaps.
In order to provide a better user experience and another choice for our clients, MexyTech developed a new decking model that has been temporarily named “no gap decking”.  The new design will not change the installation method used. However, the structure can efficiently improve problems arising from gaps in the decking. MexyTech has received an exclusive patent for the design, ensuring it's safe to use for as many people as possible.


Our no-gap decking is a new kind of co-extrusion decking designed and developed by MexyTech with passion and enthusiasm. This unique form of professional gap-free decking has been patented to protect its design. When compared to normal outdoor decking, the unique no-gap design helps prevent small objects from falling into the gaps. Therefore, it's an excellent, versatile, and highly practical solution for individuals who regularly wear high-heeled shoes on their decking. For now, MexyTech is the only WPC supplier that owns this product. No matter whether it is engineering or reselling, this decking has a very good market prospect.



   Co-extrusion WPC Decking

Co-extrusion decking is a highly specialized type of composite decking material that's made, generally speaking, via an extrusion process. The process involves using multiple layers of materials that are combined and compressed under high-pressure levels to create a single, long-lasting decking board.
Most often, co-extrusion processes utilize two or more different materials, typically a hard outer layer and a softer inner layer. The outer layer is made from a highly durable material that helps provide strength to the overall decking; common examples include polyethylene or PVC, both of which can deliver excellent resistance to scratches and stains. Meanwhile, the internal materials are generally softer and help provide a more natural look and feel to the decking board.

   The Impressive Fire Resistance of Suprotect WPC


MexyTech developed fire-proofing WPC products through an expert university collaboration to produce a material suitable for projects with specific fire requirements. The special formula with fire-resistant additives helps provide superior fire performance for our WPC products.

We have finished most of our fire tests and passed certifications for ASTM E84 Top Level and EN13501 Bf1-S1. MexyTech is now one of the top three suppliers to have passed both EN 13501 and ASTM E84. Hence, our Flame Protect product not only impresses the market with its impressive fire-resistant performance but can also provide stunning natural aesthetics and application performance.  


Choose Flame Protection Products for a Safer Life.

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