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The greenhouse effect has forced people to face environmental issues. Previously, our actions have caused a great deal of great damage to the environment in the name of social development.

An old Chinese saying goes as so: when a calf is stolen, the farmer secures the stall. But how does that apply here? What can we do, and how can we save our planet now that it's already broken?

WPC is one of the newest recyclable materials that can be successfully used to replace many of the same roles and applications of natural wood, cutting back on the number of resources needed. What’s more, the raw materials and production methods are net-zero in terms of pollution. MexyTech recognizes that WPC materials will one day become a worldwide trend for sustainable development because of environmental concepts.

The primary principle of Mexytech is to save our planet and its life-giving forests. We will continue to lead the eco-trend and display new products all over the world.

Global warming is one of the most predominant global issues; meanwhile, deforestation is a leading cause of the global greenhouse effect. The reduction of forest area will lead to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide. Severe typhoons and extreme weather events like Typhoon Mangkhut are further embodiments of global warming.


Our mission is to provide a perfect substitute solution to natural wood. Every year, MexyTech reuses at least 3,500,000 pounds of recycled plastic, which helps save more than 5000 trees.

Our Wish

Due to the booming development of industrialization, our world is facing global warming, polar melting, climatic anomalies, and disasters. In addition, extreme sand storms, desertification, and other major environmental problems are all rapidly becoming major issues. Therefore environmental concepts and a more sustainable future are now the main talking points of the world.

WPC is a new composite material that can be an excellent substitution for natural wood. The superior performance and workability potentially even make it better than natural wood. MexyTech has spared no effort to popularize this new product with an ever wider market.

The primary constituents of WPC are wood powder and HDPE. We mix the raw materials with additives at high speed. We then use the extrusion technique to make the WPC profiles which can be applied as decking, fences, platforms, kiosks, stairs, bridges, furniture, pergolas, landscape designs, wall cladding, indoor decoration materials, pallets, and even bottom plates.

MexyTech wishes our new products could bring our clients an idea: save the earth and save the forests.

Our Story

In 2007 — Steven developed and researched polymer materials in a multinational corporation. He was promoted to director of the R&D department, with an annual salary of over 1 million. After a few months, Steven found that plastic waste pollution was severe locally during traveling. He got into thinking about how to recycle plastic. WPC! WPC can also reduce deforestation. It would be an honor to do something for environmental protection.


In 2008 — Steven met again with three friends in Foshan, China. Tiger, a talented researcher from polymer material research, had just finished his study in the UK. Ben, a highly experienced senior engineer, and Jenny, a senior accountant, had the same idea to devote themselves to the green building materials industry. Then, they started to create the brand “MexyTech”.  Their mission: to relieve pressure on the world's forests and make life a little more green.


In 2010 — MexyTech WPC decking became hugely popular because of its outstanding performance compared to wooden decking. In 2011, the sales value of MexyTech was over 1000,000 RMB.



In 2012 — MexyTech established a production base in Nansha in Guangzhou to expand the company's production capacity. At the same time, MexyTech cooperated with the South China University of Technology to open a new laboratory. The production was also made more stable.


In 2013 MexyTech wanted to use WPC in further applications, but its maximum performance was not yet known as a standard. This represented a bottleneck for MexyTech. When Steven visited a company in New Zealand, he got to know Dr. Michael, an expert on polymer materials. Dr. Michael strongly agreed with the concept of green building materials and joined forces with MexyTech.


In 2014 — With support from innovative new German technologies, MexyTech improved the overall performance of its WPC materials. The Meco Fence system and WPC pergola were developed successfully, inspiring MexyTech products to become even more popular worldwide. There are now distributors in Europe, America, and Africa.
In 2015 — MexyTech published its 2nd generation WPC deck, the Suprotect WPC series, which has an extra protective layer of polymer materials. Compared to regular WPC decking, its performance and pretty appearance are stronger by 130%.
In 2016 — MexyTech expanded its production capacity again. The new production base was founded in Yunfu, Guangdong, which increased the production line by up to 20 lines. What's more, MexyTech spent over one million purchasing a specialist dust processing machine to reduce exhaust emissions.
In 2017 — MexyTech's new fire-resistant WPC decking was successfully developed. It passed the fire safety requirements of ASTM E84, EN13501, and AS/NZS 1530.
In 2018 — MexyTech celebrated having over 100 landmark projects globally, such as Macau Tower Plaza, Genting Hotel in Malaysia, Resorts in Aruba, etc.

In 2020 — MexyTech's annual sales were doubled, and production lines were increased up to 30.


MexyTech now uses WPC materials for all of its deck flooring, fencing, wall cladding, indoor decorations, etc. Mexytech has always kept its original mission close to heart: to relieve the pressure on forests and make life a little greener. Its future vision is to become the strongest global WPC company and reach at least 2,000 strategic partners around the world.

Founded in 2009, Foshan MexyTech Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaging in eco-materials.



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