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  • Market Situation of Wood Plastic Composite Decking Under COVID-19


    The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for wood plastic composite decking products, as consumers seek to improve their homes and gardens in the face of lockdown restrictions. The market situation of wood plastic composite decking is rapidly evolving, with new manufacturers and sup Read More

  • WPC Decking Installation Guide


    1, Install aluminum joist system①Place the lower joists according to span B, and then place the upper joists according to span A. Please notice that the upper layer should be installed 13 cm over the lower layer. ②Fix the upper joists to the lower ones by using screws. 2, Install the pedestalPlease Read More

  • The Difference Between Co-extrusion WPC Decking and First-generation WPC Decking


    The co-extrusion WPC decking is produced by extrusion moulding technology. The surface of the co-extrusion WPC decking is evenly and firmly covered with a co-extrusion layer. The co-extrusion WPC decking produced by this new technology retains the mildew-proof, insect-proof, and other physical perfo Read More

  • Our New Project-Seamless Flooring for Indoors


    WPC flooring is specially designed for outdoor use, but can WPC flooring be used indoors? I believe that many people have such questions. The general WPC floor is not ideal for indoors. But Mexytech's seamless flooring breaks such boundaries. Mexytech seamless WPC flooring is perfect for indoor use. Read More



    If you are looking for flooring options, you may come across WPC and SPC flooring. Many people are confused about those two, so we decided to present this knowledge for everyone's preference. What Is WPC? WPC products represent the class of rigid vinyl flooring products with an expanded or foamed po Read More

  • WPC Decking VS. Natural Wood Decking: Which Is the Better Choice?


    A deck is a wonderful area to play with your family. So choosing the right decking material is very important. Nowadays, wood and WPC are the most popular decking materials. Wood decking has a long history and is still a popular choice now. But WPC decking is attractive in many ways too. Natural Woo Read More

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