What You Should Know About WPC Decking Before You Buy

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There are many brands/manufacturers of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Decking out there. There are also many types as well as different designs of WPC decking on the open market. Sometimes, it can get confusing sifting through pictures, videos, and salesmen's pitches about the advantages and disadvantages of various models. Other times, it can get darn right annoying. The nutshell about all WPCs is this though; WPC decking is a composite i.e. a mixture of wood and plastic fused through heat and additives, so your decking can look like wood and at the same time, be as durable as plastic.

WPC decking has a counterpart, known as Composite Decking. Composite Decking is more or less a decking, with WPC at its core that is coated over with plastic.

WPC Tile

Properties of WPC Decking

Most Traditionalists prefer wood as their decking material. By most accounts, it has the most natural look as well as the most comfortable feel when walking on it. Even Artificial decking like PVC, Polystyrene, or Polyethylene is usually colored and designed to look like wood. WPC though is part wood and part plastic, so it still has the traditional woody look and feel but is also resistant to moisture, termites, and mold.

The warranty period of WPCs usually depends on the type, but most WPCs have an average life span of 25 years or so.

WPC decking is not as easy to install as wood decking. Although, it is still much easier to install than most plastic Decking.

While wood is generally stable during hot weather, because Composite Decking is part plastic, it expands and contracts with the changing temperature. It is therefore advisable when installing composite decking, to follow the manufacturer's manual to the letter. The instructions usually tell how much space is to be left between each plank, during installation.

In terms of price, WPC is usually more expensive than wood, some are twice as much as pressure-treated wood. Wood on the other hand needs to be sanded, painted and power washed once every one to three years (depending on the type of wood used). Whereas WPC decking needs to only be washed occasionally, with ordinary soap and water if it gets stained. Wood decking, even beautiful ones like redwood & Cedar fades easily after continuous exposure to the elements (reason for yearly repainting). WPC Decking, on the other hand, fades much more slowly than wood and never completely to the common dull brown of the wood and thus never needs repainting. Unlike wood, WPC decking doesn't splinter, so when cleaning, gloves aren't needed.

Most Popular PVC Brands (US)


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