The Difference Between Co-extrusion WPC Decking and First-generation WPC Decking

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The co-extrusion WPC decking is produced by extrusion moulding technology. The surface of the co-extrusion WPC decking is evenly and firmly covered with a co-extrusion layer. The co-extrusion WPC decking produced by this new technology retains the mildew-proof, insect-proof, and other physical performance advantages of first-generation WPC decking. It has wear resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance.

Co-extruded Floors are More Wear-resistant, Scratch-resistant

The experimental data proves that the wear and scratch-resistance of the co-extruded wood-plastic floor are more than five times stronger than that of the first generation WPC decking, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by the scratching hard objects. In addition, the solid outer layer of the co-extrusion WPC decking can effectively resist the penetration of coloured liquids and oily liquids, making the surface of the board very easy to clean. This outer layer can improve the plastic wood floor's resistance to sunlight, rain and snow, acid rain and seawater so that the co-extrusion WPC decking has a long service life.

co-extrusion WPC decking

Co-extrusion WPC Decking Has More Natural Texture

The colour and texture of the co-extrusion WPC decking are realistic and durable, with rich changes and shades. Therefore, co-extrusion WPC decking brings users extremely high practical value, ornamental value and aesthetic enjoyment and is the best environmental protection used in parks, greenways, seaside resorts, waterside paving, decks, outdoor homes facilities, etc.

co-extrusion WPC decking

Co-extrusion WPC Decking

WPC Decking

First-generation WPC Decking

Co-extrusion WPC Decking is More Ideal for Crowded Areas

The protective layer of the co-extrusion WPC decking has an apparent wood grain and natural colour. At the same time, it is covered with co-extrusion on all sides, which comprehensively protects the core layer of the board and is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. In crowded areas, it can effectively prevent scratches caused by people trampling on hard objects and withstand various harsh tests of nature.

WPC Decking

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