WPC Decking VS. Natural Wood Decking: Which Is the Better Choice?

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A deck is a wonderful area to play with your family. So choosing the right decking material is very important.

Nowadays, wood and WPC are the most popular decking materials. Wood decking has a long history and is still a popular choice now. But WPC decking is attractive in many ways too.

WPC Decking VS. Natural Wood Decking

Natural Wood Decking

Natural wood decking is popular because of its natural feature, but its vulnerability to hungry insects and rot, complex maintenance makes it unfriendly to use.



It can be recycled and regenerated, biodegrade without any polluting by-products.


Needs regular maintenance of painting, polishing, or sealing.

Fades and rots easily, showing stains and scuffs.

Inserts and termites can cause a considerable amount of structural damage.

Not proof of moisture and water.

Inevitably weathered with splits and cracks.

Wood eventually results in deforestation.

WPC Decking

WPC(Wood Plastic Composite) decking is usually a mix of recycled wood flour and plastic materials bound by resins. It is an option to replace natural wood.

3D WPC Decking


Durable and Weather-resistant

WPC board can be used in the outdoor environment for a long time, withstand different climatic conditions, and have a long service life. The base material of WPC crisscrosses wood fibers into an overlapping combined network so that the various internal stresses of the wood are adapted to each other between the laminates. It ensures the flatness and stability of the wooden floor and retains the aesthetics of the solid wood floor.

✔Split Resistant, Splinter Free, Resistant to Rot

Traditional wood is likely to mold and rot after absorbing water. There may be safety hazards in use. The WPC deck can prevent rot and warpage caused by moisture and reduce maintenance.

✔Maintain Free

There is no need to paint and sand, only occasional washing with water and soap, which greatly shortens the cleaning and maintenance time.

✔Multiple Color Options

WPC Decking usually has various conventional colors, and other colors can be customized.

✔Environmentally Friendly Materials

WPC is a sustainable material that uses recycled plastic and waste wood. It is an environmental protection product.

✔Easy Installation

One person can install the WPC deck installation only requires hidden fasteners and screws. Due to the simple installation requirements, the hidden dangers caused by the installation are greatly reduced.

No Gap WPC Decking


Wood decking is ok if you are willing to spend lots of time maintaining it, and you are not living in extreme weather areas, such as freezing weather and the rainy season all year round. Otherwise, we would recommend you consider WPC decking instead.

Where to Buy WPC Decking?

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