SPC vs WPC Flooring

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It's often not easy to work out which is better: SPC vs WPC flooring. However, WPC and SPC flooring can offer excellent benefits in many cases. Still, each flooring option offers a slightly different finish than the one before – which is why, considering the differences and similarities between SPC versus WPC flooring is essential if you're looking for new flooring options in your home.

Fortunately, we know a thing or two about the main differences between WPC versus SPC flooring and have presented some of this knowledge as follows to help you find the ideal solutions for your preferences. After all, neither floor type is necessarily better, so it's critical to consider this when deciding on the most effective option overall.

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SPC vs WPC Flooring: Which Works Best?

If you've been trying to decide between SPC vs WPC flooring, it's often not easy to find the most suitable option. Still, before looking any further here, we should perhaps outline the main features of these two materials to help.

What is WPC?

WPC products represent the class of rigid vinyl flooring products with an expanded or foamed polymer core. Wood Plastic Composite is made from PVC, limestone, foaming agents, and a selection of inert ingredients. These are laid down in powder form, pressed, and heated to expand the polymer.

The core material is waterproof, rigid, and dimensionally stable. It is made of approximately 50/50 PVC and limestone.

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Wood Decking Tiles

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What is SPC?

SPC products are a class of rigid vinyl flooring products with a solid polymer core. Solid Polymer Core (SPC) is characterized by the solid nature of the core, regardless of the type of materials used during this process.

Most SPC-labeled products have a very similar assembly: Wear Layer, Print Film, Core, and Underlayment.

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SPC Flooring Tile

SPC Flooring

The Differences of SPC vs WPC

WPC and SPC are different in many ways. Let's check some of these features out, one by one.


WPC: 5-8.5mm

SPC: 3-7.2mm

●Underfoot Feeling

WPC: soft touch

SPC: hard

●Sound Proof

If you need sound insulation in your home, you should probably reach for WPC instead of SPC vinyl flooring. WPC excels in this insulation, since its superior thickness enables it to absorb sound. For this reason, it won't make a huge amount of noise while you walk on it. However, if you step on an SPC floor, you will almost definitely make noise.


WPC: WPC products are considered relatively durable.

SPC: SPC products are more durable than WPC products due to their higher density.


Both WPC and SPC are highly stable and can withstand various weather conditions without worrying about temperature fluctuations or exposure to moisture.


WPC: WPC materials can be used in any field of wood processing, such as WPC indoor doors, skirting lines, cabinets, wardrobes, exterior wall hanging panels, ceilings, decorative wall panels, outdoor floors, guardrail posts, plastic steel pavilions, garden guardrails, balcony guardrails, garden fences, leisure benches, tree ponds, flower stands, flower box air conditioners, air conditioner shields, shutters, road signs, transportation pallets, and so on.

SPC: Unlike WPC, which is highly versatile and used in many different applications, SPC is generally used for indoor flooring.



Garden Bench






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Wall Cladding

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Wall Panel

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WPC Door


WPC Fence


WPC Gate


SPC: SPC is generally used for indoor flooring.


WPC usually is typically a little more pricy than SPC.

In a Word

SPC core is generally made of an 80% limestone, 20% PVC polymer mix and is not “foamed”; therefore, it has a higher core density.

WPC is generally made of a 50% limestone, 50% PVC polymer expanded polymer core. This helps create a more comfortable underfoot feel.

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WPC Flooring

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Where to Get Factory Offers for WPC Products and SPC Products?

We started in the WPC business in 2007, and it's been more than a decade now. We have invented many patented products in the past fifteen years, including no-gap WPC decking, 600*600mm decking tiles, slat wall fencing, wall cladding, WPC gates, adjustable pedestal systems, etc. Please feel free to contact us anytime for further questions.

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