New Upgraded Design- MexyTech Bicolor Decking

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MexyTech has launched bicolor decking recently . 

In China, there are few suppliers can provide this bicolor decking,especially in Guangdong Province,MexyTech is the 1st supplier. On the basis of single-color co-extrusion, add colors to provide customers with the most cost-effective product.                                                                                                                                                                             For wholesalers,MexyTech bicolor decking can help customers reduce inventory pressure and get double business opportunities because there are 2 colors in 1 pc. Wholesalers can match with 6 standard colors according to the local market. MexyTech product manager of bicolor decking also provide the most popular colors and data in the local market as full support.

 For engineering customers or self-use customers, there are 15 combos of 6 standard colors. They can be able to DIY the decking of the house freely, MexyTech designers can provide 3D drawings for reference to provide customers with the best buying experience.