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Capped Vs Uncapped Composite Decking




Capped vs Uncapped Composite Decking

What’s the difference between capped and uncapped composite decking? Capped composite boards,or call it Co-extrusion wpc  feature a durable polymer sleeve or “cap” that encases the top and sides. Uncapped composites lack this protective barrier. Here’s how they compare:

Mexytech Suprotect decking is third capped wpc,it provides enhanced protection from weathering, wear and staining. The cap layer shields the inner wood fibers to prevent moisture absorption that can cause swelling and warping. Capped wpc composites keep their rich color longer since the cap prevents fading from sun exposure. Brands like Trex Quick Cap composite decking offer durable capped boards.

Uncapped composite decking ,or call it classic wpc decking,relies solely on the blended wood and plastic or PVC core for surface durability. Without a protective cap layer, uncapped boards are more prone to fading, staining and moisture damage over time. Uncapped composites can offer a more affordable decking option, but lack the long-lasting resilience of capped composites.

For beautiful, resilient low-maintenance decking, capped composite boards are worth the investment. The durable cap ensures decades of unwavering performance and fewer repairs or replacements. Contact us to learn more and choose the best composite decking for your home!


What are the benefits of capped composite decking?

- Enhanced fade, stain and scratch resistance

- Superior weather resistance

- Longer-lasting rich color

- Added durability and resilience




Co-extrusion WPC Decking

Optional Corlors

Co-extrusion WPC Decking




Design Sketches

Co-extrusion WPC Decking

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