Does Outdoor Composite Decking Get Hot?

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Have you ever wondered about whether or not outdoor composite decking will get hot? Before you invest in any new features for your property, ensuring you’ve considered some of the key features is vital – and our experts are on hand to help. So, don’t leave it to chance; before you purchase a new deck, make sure you’ve read today’s guide to find out more.

Does Outdoor Composite Decking Get Hot?

When it comes to your property’s decking, choosing a material that can offer a valuable, reliable, and practical solution is hugely important – and composite decking can be excellent for many different reasons in this regard. But does it get hot like some other materials?

Unfortunately, yes. If your composite decking is exposed to direct sunlight or heat, there is a good chance that it will heat up, and some estimates suggest that it can get hotter than the surrounding air. Luckily, our composite decking has been added to the heat resistance formula, which is more heat resistant than ordinary wood-plastic flooring.

However, this doesn’t have to be a major problem. Indeed, while composites will undoubtedly get hot when exposed to high temperatures, they are generally much more capable of withstanding these extremes than other materials.

When your composite deck gets hot, it’s not as prone to damage as timber or wood decking. Contrastingly, the latter will often crack or warp in high temperatures, especially if regular maintenance hasn’t been carried out to prevent this from occurring.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem! Shading the decking can make a big difference, for one thing, helping keep the deck much more comfortable to walk on (even without a foot covering). Or, failing that, wearing shoes, sandals, or something similar when walking on your composite decking on a very hot day may also help. And, of course, there are simple ways to cool your deck down too, such as spraying it with water to help remove some of the heat from the deck.

Composite Deck

Choose Light Colored Decking

If you’re concerned about the temperature of your composite decking, you may want to opt for a light colored deck instead. Dark materials typically absorb a lot more heat, which can make them heat up faster. Contrastingly, if you can opt for a light colored deck, you may find that it stays a little cooler, making it more comfortable to walk on and use during hot weather.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to invest in a new type of outdoor deck for your garden, ensuring you’ve looked at the different materials on offer is integral – and composite wood is just one such example. Indeed, composite materials can often provide a myriad of potential benefits. Still, it’s important to recognize here that even composite wood decking can get hot when the temperatures outside get high.

Luckily, our composite decking has been added to the heat resistance formula, which is more heat resistant than ordinary wood-plastic flooring.

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