Can Your Ground Install Wood Plastic Composite Decking?

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1. WPC decking is for outdoor use. It has the appearance and texture of wood but is more durable and easy to maintain. Wood plastic composite decking is more resistant to corrosion than wood, and does not need to be painted or varnished frequently. It is also more UV-resistant, and will not warp or crack in the sun like wood decking. Wood plastic composite decking can be installed on outdoor surfaces such as your garden, balcony, platform stairs, terraces, rooftops, etc.

WPC Decking

2. Level ground like cement or dirt is suitable for installing wood plastic flooring. Can it be installed on uneven ground? The answer is yes, with the adjustable pedestals specially designed by Mexytech, wood plastic flooring can be installed on uneven ground, or raised to make terraces, platforms, stairs, and swimming pool deck surrounds.

Composite Decking Installation

3. Does the ground need to be dry for installing composite wood decking? The answer is no. It can be installed in both dry and damp environments, whether on an island, in the desert, or even in the arctic circle.

Composite Decking

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