How to clean composite decking

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Keep your composite decking in pristine condition for years to come with proper regular cleaning and maintenance. MexyTech composite decking,or call it wood plastic composite flooring/wood polymer composite flooring, is designed to resist mold, mildew, stains, and fading, but it still requires periodic care to look its best. For a simple cleaning, use a mild soap and warm water solution with a soft bristle scrub brush. Scrub the deck boards gently in the direction of the wood grain pattern. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. For deeper periodic cleaning, use a composite deck cleaner or oxygen activated bleach product to remove built up dirt and stains. Check the product label to ensure it is safe for use on composite materials. You can also use a pressure washer on a low setting no higher than 2100 PSI to give your deck a deep clean. Always move the pressure washer wand in the direction of the deck board grain to avoid damage. After cleaning wood plastic composite decking, make sure to rinse thoroughly and allow the decking to dry completely before sealing, staining or refinishing. Avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach when cleaning trex decking as they can discolor and degrade the decking material. With our tips for proper care, your beautiful composite deck will maintain its rich color and keep its stylish appearance for many seasons. Contact us  today to learn more best practices for keeping your composite deck looking like new!



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