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As the leaves drop and cold temperatures creep in, homeowners start  thinking about winterizing their homes.

But what about winterizing your air conditioner?

How does rain, cold, dirt, and debris affect your outdoor AC  unit?


A/C units were built to withstand the rain and cold of the winter.All  external HVAC equipment is made to deal with harsh weather conditions and  varying temperature extremes.They're tough!

Sacramento is not known for harsh winter weather conditions. We don't get  a foot of snow or baseball-sized hail like they do in the Frigid  areas.


Which Kind of Cover is Best for Outdoor AC  Units?

If you insist on covering your outdoor unit there are a variety of  options and covers available,

wpc cover could be an option for your outdoor unit.  

It is resistant to extreme weather, moisture and abrasion.  Moreover, It is inexpensive, will keep out most debris, and leaves the sides  open to keep moisture and small creatures out.

Ultimately, there is no perfect answer. It is really up to  you, the homeowner. Anyway MexyTech provide a eco choice for you to  choose.


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