Elegant Fence Light

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The courtyard where Mecofence is installed is very beautiful under the sunshine. In order to make Mecofence more dazzling at night, the Mexytech design team specially developed Mecofence exclusive fence lights.

Mecofence WPC fence lights are not only high-gloss and beautiful, but also very practical. The fence light has been designed with professional wiring, which can be completely waterproof and not afraid of stagnant water. And it can also be intelligently controlled by the remote control, and the light strip can be easily switched on and off.

Mecofence elegant lights use energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED strips, which perfectly match aluminum fence posts and blend in with Mecofence after installation. The fence lights emit multi-frequency brightness, illuminating your courtyard nightlife.

Mecofence WPC Fence Lights

Mecofence WPC Fence Lights

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