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horizontal or vertical composite cladding boards

  • SP-WP14

  • Mexytech

  • 39189090


Horizontal or Vertical Composite Cladding Boards: Your Versatile Wall Solution

When it comes to transforming the aesthetics of your space, the choice between horizontal and vertical composite cladding boards can make all the difference. MexyTech offer a unique solution that allows for both horizontal and vertical installation. MexyTech composite cladding boards come complete with aluminum joist, and no matter your preference, we provide efficient installation methods to bring your vision to life.

Horizontal Wall Boards: Classic Elegance

Horizontal boards on walls exude timeless elegance and are known for:

  • Classic Appeal: Horizontal cladding creates a traditional, familiar look that's often associated with warmth and comfort.

  • Expansive Feel: Horizontal lines can make a space appear wider, which is ideal for smaller rooms or areas where a sense of openness is desired.

  • Easy Water Runoff: The horizontal orientation naturally encourages efficient water drainage.

Vertical Wood Cladding: Contemporary Sophistication

Opting for vertical wood cladding imparts a modern and sophisticated touch:

  • Contemporary Design: Vertical installation offers a fresh and contemporary appearance, ideal for those seeking a sleek, modern aesthetic.

  • Height Emphasis: Vertical lines can make spaces appear taller, adding a sense of grandeur to your design.

  • Unique Character: Vertical boards on walls stand out and can make a strong design statement.

Installation Flexibility

The beauty of our composite cladding boards is that they are compatible with both horizontal and vertical installations. This versatility ensures you can achieve your desired look without limitations.

Efficient Installation Solutions

No matter your choice, mexyTech provide quick and efficient installation solutions. Our aluminum joist are designed to streamline the installation process, allowing you to enjoy your revamped space sooner. We value your time and understand that a hassle-free installation is key to your satisfaction.

The Choice Is Yours

With our composite cladding panel, you have the freedom to choose the installation style that suits your vision. Whether you prefer the classic charm of horizontal boards on walls or the contemporary elegance of vertical wood cladding, our products and installation solutions have got you covered.

Elevate the look of your space with wpc cladding that can adapt to your design preferences. MexyTech  is committed to providing you with a versatile, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution for your wall cladding needs.

New Upgrade 3D Outdoor Wall Panels for Exterior Wall Decoration

SP-WP14 (7)


New Upgrade 3D Outdoor Wall Panels for Exterior Wall Decoration

New Upgrade 3D Outdoor Wall Panels for Exterior Wall Decoration

New Upgrade 3D Outdoor Wall Panels for Exterior Wall Decoration

New Upgrade 3D Outdoor Wall Panels for Exterior Wall DecorationNew Upgrade 3D Outdoor Wall Panels for Exterior Wall Decoration

Design Sketches

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