Mexytech Products are Constantly Improving in Design

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We are not afraid of being imitated because we continue to surpass.

Another fight against covid-19 started in April, so we have to spend more time indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. Continuous 5 large-scale nucleic acid tests had been run for epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, it did affect our production and delivery.

In order to reduce the effect, MexyTech has made two decisions; one is to make sure the protection of our employees from infection, and the other is to make a better plan for all orders.

Every part united and worked together to solve problems efficiently in special times. It is easy to get everything in order on normal days, but if you need to settle things down at special times, everyone needs to work more efficiently and follow strict rules.

We believe we will not be defeated by hard times, which will only make us much stronger.

Mexytech Products are Constantly Improving in Design

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