Why WPC is Good for Exterior Wall Cladding?

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WPC wall panel is a construction material used predominantly in exterior wall cladding. It is an international product with a wide range of applications. The Middle East, North America and Europe are the principle markets for this construction material. WPC wall panel has brought over 40% return on investment (ROI) to property owners and builders given a life cycle of 20 years with no maintenance costs associated with it. Its environmental friendliness has also found it to be highly suitable for modern construction as well as helping architects to improve energy efficiency in buildings. 

WPC Wall Cladding

The following are some of the benefits of WPC exterior wall cladding:

1. Its eco-friendly features

This construction material is easy to install and its versatility makes it highly sustainable. It also has a low impact on the environment as it does not create any negative externalities such as air pollution, noise pollution, or hazardous wastes. It is made of 100% recyclable materials which have no impact on the environment.

2. It can be used for any type of wall cladding

As WPC wall panel can be used for all types of walls including brickwork, wooden cladding, and other external walls it is easily adaptable to most building structures throughout the world. Its unique features make it very suitable for floors and ceilings too; for instance, this material can be used in residential and commercial buildings with open floor plans.

3. It allows you to reuse building blocks

The structural qualities of WPC allow it to last longer than concrete or masonry, and this makes it highly suitable for renovation projects. The versatility of this construction material has also made it very popular with interior designers and decorators who have the ability to adapt their designs to the changing needs of the residents within a building.

4. It requires no maintenance for cladding project

WPC is made from a natural resin that is resistant to water, insects, mould and mildew which means you do not need to spend money on maintaining external walls when using this construction material. This also means that maintenance costs are lowered as you do not need to employ cleaners, painters or other contractors as they can be easily done by the building owners themselves.

5. It is a high-end product; it increases value to your property

The wide range of modern cladding solutions provided by manufacturers have made many people interested in WPC wall panel. Its good looks and excellent durability has made this wall material highly appealing to the market and its popularity means that it can increase the value of real estate properties over time, especially those containing older buildings.

6. It is easy to install

If you are getting a WPC wall cladding, you do not have to worry about hiring experts as this construction material is relatively easy to install. Advanced technologies have made it possible to reduce the amount of time required for painting, laminating and fixing which means that property owners can now save money on labour and renovation costs.

7. It is resistant to fire

Building regulations require all construction materials be fire-resistant. WPC wall panel has been rated highly by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as it can withstand high temperatures created by fire retardant materials and provide maximum protection against fire spread.

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