Does Composite Decking Get Hotter than Wood?

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Have you been looking to invest in brand new decking for your home or commercial property? Finding the right type of decking material naturally comes with several big questions. This can also leave many people wondering about the right type of decking material for their property. Still, you should not have to be caught out by this seemingly simple decision. With this thought in mind, today, we have explained some of the key things you should know about the temperature of composite decking – in other words, we’ve looked at what you need to know about how composite decking compares to wood in terms of temperature.

Will Composite Decking Get Hot?

One common question we’re asked is whether composite decking will get hot. This largely depends on many different factors; for example, if your composite decking is in the shade, it is much less likely to get hot than composite decking that’s left out in the sun. With that being said, your composite decking will definitely begin to heat up a little if the weather is very hot – especially if the composite deck itself is in direct sunlight.

How Hot Will Composite Decking Get?

Composite decking will get hot in high temperature weather or when exposed to direct sunlight. However, while composite decking may get hot, it shouldn’t become so hot that it’s too hot to walk on unless exposed directly to sunlight.

Usually, composite decking will remain safe to walk on year-round. However, don’t panic! Your composite decking won’t begin to melt until around 250 degrees Fahrenheit; even if it’s an exceptionally hot day, the deck should be fine. However, if you know the weather is likely to be very hot, you should ideally take steps to protect any users, such as putting down floor mats or hosing off the decking first.

Does Composite Decking Get As Hot As Wood?

Generally speaking, high-quality composite decking should not get significantly hotter than wood decking. What’s more, if you are concerned about temperatures, you may want to choose a lighter color for your composite decking. This will massively reduce the amount of heat absorbed, cooling the composite decking down significantly (and making it much safer to use and walk on during the summer months).

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Final Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s very comforting to step outside onto your decking and feel a gentle warmth beneath your feet. However, if the decking material gets too hot, this can become uncomfortable very quickly. With this thought in mind, if you have been looking to ensure that your decking remains comfortable all year round, choosing composite decking could be an excellent option to consider. And, if your new decking is likely to receive a lot of sunlight, choosing a lighter colour deck could also help minimize discomfort.

If you have any further questions or queries about adding composite decking to your home or commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team here at today. We’re here to help!

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