What Does Cladding Mean?

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What Does Cladding Mean?

Cladding refers to materials used to cover the exterior of a building. Acting as an outer shell or skin, cladding protects the structural framing while providing aesthetic appeal. Popular cladding options include vinyl siding, brick veneer, aluminum siding and increasingly - wood-plastic composites.

Unlike metal aluminum siding, wood-plastic composite (WPC) cladding panel offers an environmentally-friendly and natural wood appearance. WPC is made from recycled wood fibers and plastics, making it a sustainable choice that maintains the warmth of wood.


MexyTech provides diverse WPC cladding wall panel styles tailored to architectural preferences. Slat wall cladding features spaced horizontal or vertical boards for a modern slatted look. Solid panel cladding provides a continuous smooth surface. Tongue-and-groove tube WPC cladding achieves a traditional wood plank aesthetic.

For decorative flair, composite wood cladding can be molded into different shapes too. MexyTech offers corrugated wave patterns, 3d embossing effects and other textured WPC cladding designs.


With color choices mimicking real wood hues, WPC cladding shields homes with incredible durability, sustainability and attractive wood-like beauty. Upgrade to this innovative exterior cladding option!

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