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3D Embossing Dual-color Decking


Revolutionizing Outdoor Spaces: 3D Embossing dual-color WPC Decking

In the ever-evolving world of composite decking, innovation takes center stage. Introducing MexyTech latest creation: 3D Embossing Double Color WPC Decking. Going beyond the norms of traditional decking, this product is a game-changer, offering not just the exquisite 3D embossing but also a dual-color feature that sets it apart.


Traditional 3D embossing composite decking is known for its realistic textures, mimicking the feel of natural wood. However, MexyTech Double Color WPC Decking takes it a step further. Not only does it boast the intricate 3D embossing patterns for a lifelike wood appearance, but it also introduces a dual-color scheme on both sides, providing a unique and dynamic visual experience.


1. Second-Generation Co-Extrusion Excellence:

MexyTech 3D Embossing dual-color composite wood Decking belongs to the second generation of co-extruded boards, inheriting all the advantages of co-extrusion technology. The co-extruded layer enhances durability, resistance to fading, and overall performance, ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance decking solution.

2. Simplifying Choices for Businesses:

For businesses in the decking industry, this product simplifies the decision-making process. Instead of managing a wide array of single-color options, companies can offer a dual-color solution that caters to a diverse range of customer preferences, ultimately streamlining their inventory and logistics.

3. Creative Freedom for Homeowners:

Homeowners now have the freedom to design outdoor spaces that reflect their unique style. The dual-color feature allows for creative combinations, from subtle contrasts to bold statements. Imagine a deck with a warm, inviting color on the surface and a complementary shade underneath – the possibilities are endless.

4. Realistic Wood Aesthetics:

The 3D embossing technology ensures that the wood grain patterns on our decking are as authentic as it gets. This realistic wood aesthetics, combined with the dual-color innovation, delivers a decking solution that not only performs exceptionally but also elevates the visual appeal of any outdoor setting.

MexyTech 3D Embossing Double Color WPC Decking is not just a product; it's a design revolution. It merges the best of technology, aesthetics, and functionality to redefine the decking experience. Whether you're a business aiming for efficiency or a homeowner with a flair for design, this decking solution brings your vision to life in vivid, dual-colored detail. 






Versatility Redefined:

The dual-color feature of our decking opens up a world of possibilities for both commercial and residential users. Businesses can streamline their inventory by reducing the need to stock multiple single-color options. On the other hand, homeowners have the creative freedom to mix and match boards, creating personalized, multi-colored flooring designs for their outdoor spaces.Color :Teak,ASH wood,IPE,Walnut,Antique,Dark grey.


Optional Corlors

Surface Treatments

Design Sketches

3D Embossing WPC Decking

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