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Popular Composite Decking Boards Colors


 Popular Composite Decking Boards Colors

Choosing the right color for composite decking boards impacts both aesthetic appeal and functionality. While composite decks offer low maintenance and extreme durability, the color you select sets the tone for your whole outdoor space with long-lasting effects.

Rich wood hues like Teak, Walnut and Ashwood exude natural warmth perfect for crafting a welcoming backyard oasis. Timeless grays ranging from elegant Antique to sleek Dark Grey marble the modern with classic. For a tropical twist, bold Ipe evokes exotic hardwoods with bold grains.

Keep in mind lighter deck lumber colors better brighten shady areas but show dirt quicker. Darker earthy hues provide a wonderful backdrop for plants and decor while camouflaging foot traffic. Neutral wood tones and grays blend into landscaping seamlessly for understated charm.

Coordinating wpc deck color with siding or surroundings creates harmonious flow. To make the deck a focal point, opt for vivid contrast against the home. Mix and match multi-chromatic boards for scintillating patterns.

For peak enjoyment year after year, be strategic when selecting outdoor composite deck colors. Lighting conditions, usage and aesthetic preferences should all inform this long-term design decision for your ideal backyard living space.

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3D WPC decking is a revolutionary product to traditional WPC or co-extrusion WPC. The embossing process didn’t come from ‘ thermo print’, so this wood grain can stay at least 8-10 years. 3D WPC keeps a plastic crust, so the surface is harder and absorbs less water. Scratch will not work on the surface because of the hard surface, and water/ oil/ wine stain will not stay on the surface.


Optional Corlors

Surface Treatments

Design Sketches

3D Embossing WPC Decking

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