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Privacy Project

No matter what season it is, Mecofence is one beautiful scenery. It can provide you a Visual enjoyment as well as substantial protection. Both the fence, fence gate, and electronic gate are bought from MexyTech.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Time: April 2021
Product: MecoFence, Privacy Design(dark gray color+sliver structure)
Quantity: 150 Meters

Villa Garden Fence Silver Aluminum Post

Quantity: 1*20ft container
The client was doing landscape garden decoration in Canada. He contacted us at the Spring Festival of 2019. The client wanted to develop new products to be more competitive compared to local companies. After a period of communication, the client knew more advantages of our fence and was more interested in cooperation. When the customers returned to China for the Spring Festival, they stopped by our company to visit. During the meeting, the client showed his interest in being our agent. The client ordered two containers at first and became our agent.
Location:Montreal, Canada
Time: August 2020
Product: Privacy Fence, Dark Gray Color Fence Board, 

Roof Decking Pedestal System

It was a 66sqm decking project. Mr. Woo told me that it is the roof of his house and sent me the drawing. With a 2.4 degrees slope. After knowing his demand, we provide him MexyTech Suprotect decking series and pedestal system. Mr. Woo was delighted with the 3D wood grain, the mixed color of the Suprotect. Also, compared with traditional WPC decking, it is easy-cleaning, more anti-UV, and scratch-resistant. So he chose the teak color. For the pedestal system, we provide the whole system, including aluminum joist, base, and angle adjustment. In this process, we promoted our plan more than 3 times to offer Mr.Woo the best strategy. Finally, we are all very glad to confirm the order! 
If you have any technical questions or demands of a project, please don’t hesitate to send us. MexyTech will try our best to send you a delightful plan.
Location: California, USA
Time: 2018.10
Product: BPS01
Quantity: 66sqm

Villa No-Gap Decking Project

It was a villa project. The client purchased more than 1000sqm no gap decking for the villa project. The patented no-gap decking is co-extrusion decking. It is easy cleaning, waterproof, anti-UV, scratch-resistant. When a lady walks on it in high heels, it won’t cause any problems. Teak color is hot sales. We have confidence it can help to open market and cater more clients’ demands.
Location: Dubai, UAE
Time: 2021.4
Product: SPML04
Quantity: 1000sqm

Mexytech WPC Pergola Project

We customized a WPC grape trellis for a Middle East client, almost 100% the same as the design drawings. You can trust Mexytech's design capabilities and product quality.
Country: Oman
Product: Pergola
Quantity: 40 square meters
Order time: August 2021

 WPC Fence Project In Maldives

The WPC fence in white color could be stunning. 
Check the fence project in the Maldives.
Country: Maldives
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 200 meters

Order time: June 2021

Japen WPC Pergola Project

Mexytech's WPC Pergola with a dedicated motorized sunshade and WPC white floor, what a beautiful Japanese seaside villa.
Country: Japan
Product: WPC Pergola
Quantity: 30 sets

Order time: February 2022

WPC Fence Feedback from Italian Customers

“Nice DIY installation design.” 
No matter what style you want to make, Mecofence can meet your requirements.
Country: Italy
Product: WPC Fence
Quantity: 30 sets

Order time: March 2022

New fence project-suprotect fence with 120mm aluminum post

Strong and nice! WPC decorative garden fence panels for yard fence.
Country: Canada
Product: Suprotect WPC Privacy Fence
Quantity: 40 sets

Order time: August 2021

Mid-trellis Fence Project in Hungary

Mid-trellis fence project in Hungary. The teak color WPC fence perfectly matches the house's walls. What a nice surrounding view! Welcome to consult your fencing projects with Mextech.
Country: Hungary
Product: Mid-trellis fence
Quantity: 99 sets

Order time: September 2020
Mexytech Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada(2)
Mexytech Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada(3)
Mexytech Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada

Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada

Good feedback from the Canada customer. Coextrusion decking. You can make it in any color you want. Also, we can offer you different colors in one piece. For any interest, please do not hesitate to contact us today.
Country: Canada
Product: Coextrusion Decking
Quantity: 3000 sets

Order time: March 2022
Privacy Fence Project in America
Privacy Fence Project in America
Privacy Fence Project in America

Privacy Fence Project in America

Classic products bring you a durable look and feel. Traditional WPC garden Mecofence(dark grey+black post) in USA. The most popular products always win the best feedback.
Country: America
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 90 sets

Order time: September 1, 2022

Spa Resort & Camping Project in Japan

It is a great honor to be a cooperative supplier of SPRINGS VILLAGE
A wonderful place for spa resorts & camping in Japan.
Come to heal yourself in hot springs.
Country: Japan
Product: Suprotect Decking, Privacy Fence
Quantity: 300 square meters

Order time: March 2022

Mecofence in the Autumn Season

What a beautiful view! Mecofence in the Autumn season. Enjoy and have a rest in the autumn garden.
Country: Lebanon
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 30 sets

Order time: September 2021

Check Mecofence in Germany

Wanna install the fence against the irregular corner? No problem, Our smart Fence allows to adjust the angle while install the fence. Check Mecofence in Germany!
Country: Germany
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 40 sets

Order time: January 2021
Wall Cladding Panel Project
Wall Cladding Panel

Villa Project in Alberta, Canada

Honestly, this is my ideal perch, no doubt. The flat structural design with the warm teak color exterior siding gives a homely feel.
Country: Canada
Product: Wall Cladding Panel
Quantity: 187 Square Meters

Order time: October 21, 2022
Pergolas Project in Saudi Arabia
Pergolas in Saudi Arabia
Pergolas Project

Pergolas Project in Saudi Arabia

Pergolas are everywhere in Saudi Arabia, but Mexytech's pergola allow me to break out of the norm in a way that is both beautiful and solid.
Country: Saudi Arabia
Product: Pergolas
Quantity: 26 sets

Order time: March 8, 2022

WPC Gate Project in Malaysia

With a 120mm big aluminum post, the WPC fence gate keeps the security of your place. No matter if its rains or snow, it would be there.
Country: Malaysia
Product: WPC Gate
Quantity: 2 sets

Order time: April 22, 2022

WPC Pergola Project in Jamaica

Check our WPC Pergola in Jamaica! A Garden built with a pergola can also be spectacular.
Country: Jamaica
Product: WPC Pergola
Quantity: 3 sets

Order time: April 2022
WPC Decking Project in Hongkong (2)
WPC Decking Project in Hongkong
WPC Decking Project in Hongkong (3)

WPC Decking Project in Hongkong

Thanks for the feedback from our customer from HK. Good co-extrusion is a perfect match for the VIP club.
Country: Hongkong, China
WPC Decking SPOR02
Quantity: 200 square meters
Order time: November 2022
Co-extrusion Decking Project in Costa Rica
Co-extrusion Decking Project in Costa Rica
Co-extrusion Decking Project in Costa Rica

Co-extrusion Decking Project in Costa Rica

What an amazing project!!! . Take a look at the feedback for Costa Rica WPC flooring. The decking is anti-UV, waterproof, non-slip. It is absolutely the best choice for outdoor flooring.
Country: Costa Rica
Co-extrusion Decking SPML02
Quantity: 240 square meters
Order time: January 14, 2023
WPC Tube Project in Costa Rica
WPC Tube Project in Costa Rica
WPC Tube Project in Costa Rica

WPC Tube Project in Costa Rica

With WPC screening, your home outdoor shelter increases the natural aesthetic. In summer, you can enjoy the sunshine and good view. What’s not to love?
Country: Costa Rica
Co-extrusion Decking SPML02
Quantity: 240 square meters
Order time: January 14, 2023
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