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 Roof Decking Pedestal System

It was a 66sqm decking project. Mr. Woo told me that it is the roof of his house and sent me the drawing. With a 2.4 degrees slope. After knowing his demand, we provide him MexyTech Suprotect decking series and pedestal system. Mr. Woo was delighted with the 3D wood grain, the mixed color of the Suprotect. Also, compared with traditional WPC decking, it is easy-cleaning, more anti-UV, and scratch-resistant. So he chose the teak color. For the pedestal system, we provide the whole system, including aluminum joist, base, and angle adjustment. In this process, we promoted our plan more than 3 times to offer Mr.Woo the best strategy. Finally, we are all very glad to confirm the order! 
If you have any technical questions or demands of a project, please don’t hesitate to send us. MexyTech will try our best to send you a delightful plan.
Location: California, USA
Time: 2018.10
Product: BPS01
Quantity: 66sqm

 Villa No-Gap Decking Project

It was a villa project. The client purchased more than 1000sqm no gap decking for the villa project. The patented no-gap decking is co-extrusion decking. It is easy cleaning, waterproof, anti-UV, scratch-resistant. When a lady walks on it in high heels, it won’t cause any problems. Teak color is hot sales. We have confidence it can help to open market and cater more clients’ demands.
Location: Dubai, UAE
Time: 2021.4
Product: SPML04
Quantity: 1000sqm

 Zoo Fireproof Project

There is a zoo project in Singapore. It was a public project, so it needed to be fireproof, anti-UV, waterproof. MexyTech decking fireproof coextrusion decking is a good choice. Walnut color is very similar to pure wood color. Do you like it?
Location: Singapore
Time: 2021.7
Product: SPOR02
Quantity: 560sqm

Wedding Party Club --Phase I & II

This is an outdoor wedding party club. It needs a perfect outdoor floor. Not only does it need to match the tone, but it also needs to be slip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and prevents the heel from getting stuck. MexyTech suprotect decking can match all requirements well. Nice colors mix, slip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and no gap after installation.
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Time: April 2019(First phase), August 2021(Second Phase)
Product: Suprotect Decking BPS01(teak color)
Quantity: 1500sqm


Traditional WPC Decking-Dark Grey Color
Location: Mauritius
Product: Traditional Deck 
Quantity: 200㎡ 
Time: September 2014
This is a reinstallation project of swimming pool decking. After three years, the natural wood decking has been rotten due to its poor waterproofing. It turns out that WPC is more suitable for swimming pool application because it provides a natural installation effect and improves the moisture resistance and weathering resistance.
WPC Floor Balcony
WPC Floor Sealing Makes Your Balcony More Beautiful


WPC Floor Sealing Makes Your Balcony More Beautiful
Floor edging enhances the aesthetics of your patio, and the edging board and plinth system work perfectly together. Mexytech offers a variety of edges and styles to suit a variety of projects.

Japen WPC Pergola Project

Mexytech's WPC Pergola with a dedicated motorized sunshade and WPC white floor, what a beautiful Japanese seaside villa.
Country: Japan
Product: WPC Pergola
Quantity: 30 sets

Order time: February 2022

Outdoor garden flooring cover by co-extrusion decking

Outdoor garden flooring cover by co-extrusion decking(BPS01, TEAK color, Suprotect). You will get a new place to relax in your house. It is strong enough to hold a whole family and very easy to clean. Party and BBQ to your hearts.
Country: the Philippines
Product: co-extrusion decking
Quantity: 200 square meter

Order time: April 2022

Use WPC Decking as Wall Panels and Fence Panels

Do you think the WPC decking board can be decking only? Of course not! See, our friends use decking as wall panels and fence panels! What a great idea. Most of our clients use decking DIY tables and chairs too. What do you think? Do you like this material?
Country: Indonesia
Product: WPC Decking
Quantity: 50 square meter

Order time: May 2022

 MexyTech no gap decking

MexyTech no gap decking is a star in domestic! We keep them in stock. And we provide samples. Clients can see the sample and test the quality. It is a simple process because the quality is very top!
Country: Indonesia
Product: no gap decking S-ML04
Quantity: 100 square meter

Order time: June 2022
Mexytech Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada(2)
Mexytech Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada(3)
Mexytech Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada

Coextrusion Decking Project in Canada

Good feedback from the Canada customer. Coextrusion decking. You can make it in any color you want. Also, we can offer you different colors in one piece. For any interest, please do not hesitate to contact us today.
Country: Canada
Product: Coextrusion Decking
Quantity: 3000 sets

Order time: March 2022

WPC Decking Project in America

This flooring goes well with the terrace, where you can enjoy afternoon tea without worries because this flooring is both waterproof and stain resistant.
Country: America
Product: Coextrusion Decking
Quantity: 120 square meters

Order time: March 20, 2022
Thailand Pumrak Park WPC Decking Project
Thailand Pumrak Park WPC Decking Project
Thailand Pumrak Park WPC Decking Project

WPC Fence Project In Maldives

Thailand Pumrak park WPC decking project's satisfied feedback. Customized size 152x23mm composite decking. We worked closely with the client to make sure everything went as expected.
Country: Thailand
Product: Classic WPC Deck
Quantity: 1200 square meters

Order time: September 21, 2021

Spa Resort & Camping Project in Japan

It is a great honor to be a cooperative supplier of SPRINGS VILLAGE
A wonderful place for spa resorts & camping in Japan.
Come to heal yourself in hot springs.
Country: Japan
Product: Suprotect Decking, Privacy Fence
Quantity: 300 square meters

Order time: March 2022

Backyard Decking & Fence Project in Japan

Do you have a big backyard but rarely step outside? Maybe you need to use beautiful decking & Fence from Mexytech to build stairs & walls to add warmth. With a lighting system, even on the rainy night, you will not feel cold. Enjoy your view anytime!
Country: Japan
Product: 3D decking
Quantity: 400 square meters

Order time: September 2021
Founded in 2009, Foshan MexyTech Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaging in eco-materials.



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