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Privacy Project

No matter what season it is, Mecofence is one beautiful scenery. It can provide you a Visual enjoyment as well as substantial protection. Both the fence, fence gate, and electronic gate are bought from MexyTech.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Time: April 2021
Product: MecoFence, Privacy Design(dark gray color+sliver structure)
Quantity: 150 Meters

Villa Garden Fence Silver Aluminum Post


Quantity: 1*20ft container
The client was doing landscape garden decoration in Canada. He contacted us at the Spring Festival of 2019. The client wanted to develop new products to be more competitive compared to local companies. After a period of communication, the client knew more advantages of our fence and was more interested in cooperation. When the customers returned to China for the Spring Festival, they stopped by our company to visit. During the meeting, the client showed his interest in being our agent. The client ordered two containers at first and became our agent.
Location:Montreal, Canada
Time: August 2020
Product: Privacy Fence, Dark Gray Color Fence Board, 

Canada Luxury Garden Project

Dark grey WPC fencing is paired with the floor to create a premium pool garden.
Country: Canada
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 200 meters
Order time: June 2021
WPC Co-extrusion Fence
Co-extrusion Fence
WPC Fence


Israel Customer's WPC Co-extrusion Fence Inspection Today
The co-extruded fence is the product with the fastest growing demand recently, and the fence panels of this batch of Israeli customers have been inspected today and are ready to be shipped.
WPC Fence in Australia
WPC Fence in Australia (2)

Co-extrusion Composite Wood Fences Project In Australia

Without fear of humidity, co-extrusion composite wood fences offer the advantages of imperishable, long-lasting, and robust fencing with low maintenance costs.
Country: Gold Coast, Australia
Product: Suprotect WPC Privacy Fence(Dark Grey)
Quantity: 40sets

Order time: 2022.01

 WPC Fence Project In Maldives

The WPC fence in white color could be stunning. 
Check the fence project in the Maldives.
Country: Maldives
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 200 meters

Order time: June 2021

WPC Fence Feedback from Italian Customers

“Nice DIY installation design.” 
No matter what style you want to make, Mecofence can meet your requirements.
Country: Italy
Product: WPC Fence
Quantity: 30 sets

Order time: March 2022

New fence project-suprotect fence with 120mm aluminum post

Strong and nice! WPC decorative garden fence panels for yard fence.
Country: Canada
Product: Suprotect WPC Privacy Fence
Quantity: 40 sets

Order time: August 2021

Fence Panel Feedback from Canada

Both sides of the fence panels are the same. If you share a garden fence with your neighbors, don`t worry about who gets which side. Both are the same. You will enjoy the same view.
Country: Canada
Product: Fence Panel
Quantity: 70 Sets

Order time: May 2022
Mexytech Carven Fence Project in Israel
Mexytech Carven Fence Project in Israel(3)

Carven Fence Project in Israel

Carven design fence-Designed by Mexytech. Offer the customer a satisfying design drawing and achieve it. Carven board+WPC panels+aluminum post. Strong structure!
Country: Israel
Product: Carven fence
Quantity: 50 sets

Order time: April 2021
Privacy Fence Project in America
Privacy Fence Project in America
Privacy Fence Project in America

Privacy Fence Project in America

Classic products bring you a durable look and feel. Traditional WPC garden Mecofence(dark grey+black post) in USA. The most popular products always win the best feedback.
Country: America
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 90 sets

Order time: September 1, 2022

Spa Resort & Camping Project in Japan

It is a great honor to be a cooperative supplier of SPRINGS VILLAGE
A wonderful place for spa resorts & camping in Japan.
Come to heal yourself in hot springs.
Country: Japan
Product: Suprotect Decking, Privacy Fence
Quantity: 300 square meters

Order time: March 2022

Backyard Decking & Fence Project in Japan

Do you have a big backyard but rarely step outside? Maybe you need to use beautiful decking & Fence from Mexytech to build stairs & walls to add warmth. With a lighting system, even on the rainy night, you will not feel cold. Enjoy your view anytime!
Country: Japan
Product: 3D decking
Quantity: 400 square meters

Order time: September 2021

Mecofence in the Autumn Season

What a beautiful view! Mecofence in the Autumn season. Enjoy and have a rest in the autumn garden.
Country: Lebanon
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 30 sets

Order time: September 2021

Check Mecofence in Germany

Wanna install the fence against the irregular corner? No problem, Our smart Fence allows to adjust the angle while install the fence. Check Mecofence in Germany!
Country: Germany
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 40 sets

Order time: January 2021

WPC Gate Project in Malaysia

With a 120mm big aluminum post, the WPC fence gate keeps the security of your place. No matter if its rains or snow, it would be there.
Country: Malaysia
Product: WPC Gate
Quantity: 2 sets

Order time: April 22, 2022
WPC Fence Project in America (2)
WPC Fence Project in America

WPC Fence Project in America

Can you see that leaf growing through the gap? Woven fence not only keeps your home from outside noise but also retains the interaction with nature.
Country: America
Product: Woven Fence
Quantity: 40 sets

Order time: April 2022
Privacy Fence Project in China (3)
Privacy Fence Project in China (2)

Privacy Fence Project in China

Mexytech patented strong fence makes your garden maintenance-free.
You can't miss it!!!
Country: China
Product: Privacy Fence
Quantity: 100 square meters
Order time: September 2021
Co-extrusion Decking Project in Indonesia
Co-extrusion Decking Project in Indonesia

Privacy Fence Project in the US

Can you imagine we can offer a one-stop solution for your garden? Check our customer's feedback from the US. Fencing with fence gate plus the PS wood bench. How easy is it to purchase all the outdoor stuff from one supplier? Check it out from Mexytech's professional sales!
Country: America
Privacy Fence
Quantity: 300 sets
Order time: July 20, 2022
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