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How to install composite decking on stairs





Enhance the allure of your outdoor space by seamlessly integrating composite decking into your stair design. MexyTech WPC decking, featuring aluminum joist and co-extrusion wood-plastic boards, not only ensures a durable and eco-friendly solution but also allows for a sleek and modern appearance on your stairs. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install composite decking on stairs:

Materials Needed:

  1. Composite decking boards

  2. Aluminum joist

  3. Adjustable pedestals for height adjustment

  4. Screws and clips

  5. Tape measure

  6. Level

  7. Saw (for cutting)

Installation Steps:

1. Measure and Plan:

  • Begin by measuring the dimensions of your stairs to determine the number of composite boards and aluminum stringers needed.

  • Plan the layout, considering the direction of the boards and the spacing.

2. Prepare the Stair Stringers:

  • Place the aluminum stair joist at the desired locations on your stairs.

  • Ensure they are level and securely fasten them to the existing structure.

3. Install Adjustable Pedestals:

  • If your stairs require height adjustments, install adjustable pedestals under the aluminum joist. This is crucial for maintaining a level surface, especially on uneven terrain.

4. Cut MexyTech Composite Decking Boards:

  • Use a saw to cut the composite decking boards to the required lengths for each stair tread.

  • Ensure precise cuts for a clean and professional finish.

5. Attach Composite Boards:

  • Begin attaching the composite boards to the stair stringers using clips.

  • Use the recommended spacing to allow for proper drainage and expansion of the boards.

6. Check for Level and Alignment:

  • Regularly check for level and alignment as you progress.

  • Adjust the adjustable pedestals if necessary to maintain a consistent level across all steps.

7. Complete the Installation:

  • Continue attaching the composite boards until you reach the top of the stairs.

  • Double-check all screws and fastenings for security.

8. Finishing Touches:

  • Consider adding fascia boards to conceal the edges of the composite decking for a polished look.

  • Trim any excess material for a clean and finished appearance.

9. Maintenance Tips:

  • Composite decking requires minimal maintenance, but periodic cleaning is recommended to preserve its appearance.

  • Use a mild detergent and a soft brush to clean the surface.

Conclusion:Elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor staircase with the durability and modern appeal of composite decking. Our aluminum joist, co-extrusion wood-plastic boards, and adjustable pedestals provide a versatile solution for a sleek and long-lasting stair design.  






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