Tips on Choosing the Right Decking Color

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Choosing the right decking can be as easy as visiting a supplier’s website, clicking on any decking, and making payment, and you’ll find the delivery at your doorstep within a few weeks or days. However, chances are you’ll always make the wrong choice, especially in terms of color.

The influence of your deck color is not just limited to how it makes the deck appear. However, its influence spans your entire surrounding and home appearance. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll discover the color clashing with other home features which can be detrimental both aesthetically and psychologically.

So, to help you streamline this decision, we will examine the nitty gritty of choosing decking colors, key considerations, and factors. And subsequently, you'll be able to pick the one that suits you best.

Choosing the Right Decking Color

When choosing a color option, the number one rule is to pick one that will last you several years. Also, you'd typically want something you won't have to spend on unnecessary refinishing year after year. At Mexytech, we have quite a compelling lineup of colors that will guarantee that. Want to explore your options? Be sure to reach out to us.

To finally make this decision, we'll cover a few practical tips to steer you on the right path.

Avoid a visual disconnect

Color is psychological. Put simply, every color evokes unique feelings. But sometimes, more than a color can be used to tell similar stories. Imagine stepping out of your indoor flooring (which, by the way, has a color that evokes rage), only to meet one that emphasizes elegance on your decking. This is not only a visual disconnect but also a psychological discrepancy.

So, when choosing, you should ensure a consistent visual transition and avoid any form of disconnect within these spaces. With this, you can create a more upscale and harmonious appearance.

Factor your theme and style in

From the point made earlier, you’ll agree that your home color dictates your deck color to a great extent. But that’s not all – so does your home style. For instance, grey decks with blue undertones blend just rightly for an urban theme. In fact, grey has white a reputation for harmonizing home features and introducing contemporary feelings into them. If you want something that will make a dramatic statement, darker brown shades have quite a reputation for that. Hence, they’ll blend with a Mediterranean theme home. For homes with brick exteriors, reddish brown tones will complement the colors just perfectly.

Strategic positioning is key

To further help streamline your visual impact, picture framing is one strategy you should definitely explore. This essentially involves using different board colors. Take, for example, you can pick a color to use as your interior deck board color option while picking a direct contrast for the edge. They can make your board more arresting, and unique, ultimately upscaling your visual impact.

Don’t forget the material

Your deck material greatly dictates your deck color choice flexibility. Usually, composite, suprotect, and 3D decking offers superior flexibility in terms of color choice. If you want the freedom to change your colors at will, these are the best options for you. However, if you opt-in for something like a brick paver, you’ll only be left with a static color choice.

Be proactive with your choice

Obviously, your deck is divided into different parts. And these parts serve various options. And as such, your shade and finish should actively consider these. For instance, stairs tend to see more foot traffic compared to railings. And as such, you'd want a color that conceals footprints, and dirt without sacrificing consistent retaining and durable sealing. Know that regardless of your choice, you should always clean your decks.

Never neglect the undertones

Every color features unique undertones, which are generally cool or warm. If you’re exploring colors such as yellow and orange, a warmer feel is what you can expect. On the flip side, undertones like blue and violet are synonymous with cooler results. So, to further ensure creative harmony and theme consistency, be sure that the colors you blend together feature similar undertones.

Always ask for a sample

The feeling you get while looking at those decks on your smartphone or physical store is quite different from the story it tells in your background. So, after filtering the colors you think will be suitable for you, it would be best if you order a sample of your choices. By doing this, you’ll get a clearer or more realistic insight into how well it blends with your home. Ensure that you assess this appearance both during the day and at night. You can as well check how it looks with different exterior lighting conditions and how they can potentially influence the appearance. With this, you’ll make a more comprehensive decision.

The rules of color wheels

To ensure the best color harmony, be sure to go with a theme composing three distinct colors – an accent color, a secondary, and a dominant color. Whether new sidings or the ones you already own, doors, and of course, decking, this rule works like magic. To develop an eye-arresting theme, whether, for a complementary or analogies feeling anywhere in your home, it works regardless. And it is usually wise to apply the same idea in your deck colors. This means using a dominant color as the primary tone with two others playing the complimentary tone (these could be the colors of your planters, outdoor pillows, and others).

Let’s help you get it right

The various decking materials from Mexytech all have a few uniform features – contemporary patterns, earthy and natural textures, and rich colors & finishing. In essence, we have quite an enviable lineup of colors ranging from elegant greys to earthy hues. With these, you can be sure to make your living space alluring, inviting, and luxurious. 

Explore composite color options here!

Want to take the first step? Reach out to us and let’s help you weigh your options.

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