Composite Deck Color Options

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Choosing the right composite deck color can be quite a challenge. Especially with the number of color options available today, you’ll most likely find yourself stuck between different color choices. So, to help you optimize this decision, we will be covering different color options and examining how they'll complement and blend into your intended home color themes and schemes.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to these colors. And as such, it is impossible to pinpoint one as the best color for a composite deck. All you can do is go with the right one for your home and that’s what this article will help you achieve.

Classic deck color options

The following classic deck colors can help you introduce a classy feel to your entire theme and create the backyard you’ve always dreamt of.

Dark grey

Whether you’re envisaging warm or cool color schemes, this is one color that will help you bring that into creative friction. Dark grey is a pretty exciting composite deck color and can help you create diverse style profiles. It blends just well with lighter gray home sidings, and tan, giving unique looks in its different combinations. Besides its picturesque feel, the color, and several other darker hues can help you mask footprints and make dirt less visible in your home. It can as well be a great color to give your backyard a beach retreat feel and introduce life into an older deck.

Dark chocolate

Do you own a small space? Well, this dark tone is a neutral color that will blend in and work just rightly. Dark chocolate gives your space a grounding rich feeling. However, if you use this on a very sizable deck, chances are the color shades might overpower everything. Besides, you might notice more heat than often since dark colors typically absorb sun rays. So, the larger the piece is, the more heat you should expect.

Dark Coffee

This is a relatively lighter shade of dark chocolate. It commands more attention than the larger and has a reputation for tranquility and simplicity (this is in fact its most compelling feature). Whether with your rugs, furniture, or plants, this is a color that combines greatly and complements whatever hue you have. Another compelling feature is its natural feel that can, in fact, help you mask footprints and dirt as well. So, is comforting to feel your thrill? This is a color you should definitely explore.


This is yet another dark composite decking color. However, it's relatively lighter than the dark coffee color option. Looking for rich tones? Coffee signifies being active and lively. These are things you can expect opting in for this color option. It also signifies a great sense of reliability and strength. So, if perhaps these are feeling you want in your deck, you should definitely give this a try.


This is a slightly dark brown color, replicating the feeling attributable to mahogany – elegance, class, and premium feel. Mahogany also symbolizes strength and the ability to withstand excess stress. So, if your definition of the best composite deck color is one that gives the feeling of elegance and strength, here is an option that fits your bill just rightly.


Teak is a pretty popular color for composite wood decks. This color’s design replicates the feeling you get from teak wood. And as you know it, teak is revered for its durability and elegance. So, if you want something relatively lighter compared to mahogany, this should meet your needs.


Suprotect decking color

Looking for the right suprotect decking color for you? You should definitely explore these options.


Just a first glance, its great resemblance to the highly valued ipe wood is sure to arrest your eyes. This essentially means a fairly dark brown colored premium-looking material. Opting in for this option also means you won't have to worry about the maintenance demands associated with the actual ipe. It's worth saying that our materials for this boast even more longevity and durability than what ipe typically offers.


Walnut is known for its very dark tone. Our walnut suprotect decking color can give you a very premium and rich wood appearance. In essence, you’ll be getting what seems to be very pricey without actually paying the price. Not to mention its realistic look that'll leave anyone admiring how well it blends with most features in your home.


Wherever you see teak wood, luxury is what comes to mind at first. But did you know that you can replicate this feeling without breaking the bank on teak? Well, our suprotect decking makes sure of that. Its distinct golden brown color can also give a form of earthy look to your space and complement your plants, and themes just rightly.


Antique color is essentially a greyish-brownish color option replicating the feeling of ancient antiques. If features like historical gold highlights, marble, and pillars are your thrill, you should, without any doubt, go for this. What's even more compelling is if you combine this decking with ancient greek lights, you might even feel like you’re at the top of some ancient monument.


With its beige to light brown tone, ashwood has always been reputed as a great option for fine furniture. And of course, this includes your decking. With its attractive wood grain, you can be sure you’re opting in for flexible, durable, and exquisite color options that will blend perfectly with most themes.

Dark grey

Looking for something to introduce a contemporary feel into your deck? This is a color to consider. Without any doubt, grey keeps gaining traction across various design niches, especially when it comes to the popular Scandinavian decoration. So, if you love Scandinavia décor and other related contemporary design styles, this is a shade you should be actively considering.

BiColor decking

If you think more than one of these appeals to you, why not consider combining two together? To introduce more flexibility and more color scheme options to your home décor, you can as well choose two of these suprotect colors to enjoy the best of two worlds.

Decking Color Options

3D decking colors

This article is definitely incomplete without covering the options available for your 3D decking.

Dark chocolate

If you like a bold color that will not only make a strong statement but also help you add a lot of your contrast to the theme you’re envisaging for your home, this is your guy. It is a very practical color that will help you minimize glares and mask dirt without any hassle. Nonetheless, remember that areas that you do not cover on the deck might become very hot since darker shades absorb heat faster. Again, the eventual choice lies heavily in the climate of where you live as this choice can be fairly undesirable in hot climates.


Hickory gives a premium medium brown color and a reddish hue. It is quite warm and neutral. As such, it should do well with your white, sage, and other subtle color themes.


Needless to say, teak is a premium tree, known for its light to dark brown tone which is perfect for almost any outdoor feature. The good news is you don’t even have to break the bank for actual teak. With our 3D decking, we can help you replicate the feeling attributable to teak without spending outrageously. That's not all, of course. You can also be sure of more durability than what actual teak can offer.


The elegant redwood color with a fairly brown tone and red tinge is sure to arrest your interest at first glance. Redwood is a terrific material, known for its durability, longevity, and sturdiness. So, if perhaps, you want a redwood deck, but the outrageous maintenance cost discourages you. In this case, opting in for a 3D deck with a redwood shade is an excellent choice.

Dark grey

Dark grey is synonymous with practicality and elegance. Value this in your home feature? This is your best bet. Even better, this color choice will not reveal diet easily and you can as well be sure of minimal glare reflection. If you use it against relatively brighter walls, it also contrasts elegantly and beautifully. Conversely, if you throw it into the mix e8ty your darker walls, it blends just perfectly. In essence, whether you’re planning a dark-colored theme or a lighter form, this is one color that will work perfectly regardless.

Slate grey

With its solid light grey color, this is yet another popular decking color with almost inexistent maintenance demand. Using this, you can be sure of minimal fade and excellent performance for a number of themes and schemes. It is a color that will withstand your daily use. Especially with Mexytech, you can enjoy terrific scratch resistance, durability, and a lengthy warranty on top of that.

WPC Decking Color Options

By now, you’ve definitely found a choice for yourself. So, be sure to reach out to us so we can help you explore your options better and optimize your decision consequently.

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