Old-styled WPC Decking with Wide Gaps

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Have you ever met these problems by using old-styled  wpc decking with wide gaps?

              1.  difficult for cleaning - dusts and  garbage hide between the gaps and under the decking  system

2. poor product experience - high  heels stuck or small stuffs dropped through the gap

3. no competitive new product for  promotion - we have 100% patented product for you

4. decking deformation because of  expansion - special design for a perfect solution

wpc extrusion1

Now you don't have to worry. Mexytech thinks what you  think.

Newest launched WPC NO GAP DECKING(seamless decking)  can solve your problem well.

We adopts the design of chamfered  angle, which solves the problem of arching and cracking caused by thermal  expansion and contraction of the board.

wpc extrusion2

The seamless design makes the overall effect of the  floor more beautiful after installation.

wpc extrusion3

The NO GAP DECKING -seamless decking also  adopts the co-extrusion production process, which is outstanding in waterproof, mildew-proof, UV-resistant, zero formaldehyde, and maintenance-free.

Create an exclusive no gap  decking.

Founded in 2009, Foshan MexyTech Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaging in eco-materials.



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