How Long Does Composite Decking Last?

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Have you ever wondered about how long composite decking lasts? For many people, composite decking can be a wonderful investment. However, one of the most significant benefits of composite decking has to be its amazing ability to stand the test of time! With this thought in mind, today, we have outlined some of the key things you need to know about how long composite decking lasts. We have also looked at a few simple tips to help your own composite decking last as long as possible.

How Long Does Composite Decking Last?

How long does composite decking last? Unfortunately, this question can be likened to questions such as “how long is a piece of string?”

Indeed, there’s no set time that composite decking will last, which depends on many factors. For example, is the decking new to you or brand new? Is it made by a reputable supplier, or is it more of a “cheap and cheerful” design? Questions such as these can play a significant role in determining the likely lifespan of your composite decking.

Still, for the most part, you can expect composite decking to have a pretty good lifespan. Most composite decking will last for well over a decade. High-quality composite decking, in fact, should easily last between twenty and thirty years, helping give you a much better return on your investment.

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How Can I Make My Composite Decking Last Longer?

A well maintained composite deck should easily last for two to three decades – potentially even outlasting the time you spend in the property. However, it’s well worth remembering that this depends heavily on maintenance, and you will need to look after the decking well to ensure that it doesn’t begin to get damaged before its time.

So, how can you make your composite decking last longer? Well, there are a few simple options here.

1) Try to install the decking out of direct sunlight to reduce its exposure to heat. Decking shouldn’t melt until 250 degrees Fahrenheit, but high temperatures over time may do more harm than good.

2) Keep the decking hosed down in hot weather to help remove any excess heat from the decking. Cool water can make the deck much cooler to walk on if it gets too hot.

3) Choose a lighter color for your composite decking to help reduce the amount of light that it can absorb.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, not all composite decking is necessarily created equal. With this thought in mind, if you have been looking to invest in new composite decking for your property, make sure you choose a top-quality, reputed supplier first. Starting out with professional grade composite decking can make it much easier to look after your composite decking and prevent it from degrading – giving you a longer lifespan (and better value for money) accordingly.

If you have any further questions about top-quality composite decking and the benefits it could offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly experts here at today. We’re here to help!

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