2022 New Arrival - Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

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If you choose WPC decking as a swimming pool deck, how to choose a suitable swimming pool cover as a match?

MexyTech will launch an automatic swimming pool cover soon. This new product would perfectly combine WPC boards and automatic pool covers.

We believe our product will give you a good experience:                                          

1. Eco leisure space - natural and wooden texture and appearance

2. Cost Saving - Pool chemicals effect lasts longer and keep 8 - 10 degree of normal temperature

3. Less time for pool cleaning - prevent pollution from rain, insects, and animals.

4. 24* 7 after-sales service

The product is in the last stage of testing. Please pay attention to product launching details soon.

2022 New Arrival - Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

2022 New Arrival - Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

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