Wood vs. Composite Decking

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Have you ever wondered about the main differences between wood and composite decking? Finding the optimal type of decking material can often seem difficult, but this shouldn’t have to be the case. Fortunately, you could consider several key properties for both wood and composite decking to help. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between wood and composite decking to help you find the ideal choice for your needs!

Wood vs Composite Decking: What’s the Difference?

In many cases, the differences between wood and composite decking can seem quite minimal – and that’s largely by design! Indeed, composite decking is largely designed to replicate the properties of wood decking, and this makes the two very similar!

Natural Wood

So, this begs the question: what is the difference, anyway? Well, wood decking naturally offers an incredibly impressive aesthetic and appeal. What’s more, as a fully natural product, wood decking has a very unique pattern; every plank of wood decking will be unique, which is definitely worth keeping in mind!

Wood Composite

But what about wood composite? Well, wood composite decking is different from wood decking because it’s not natural but man-made. Wood composite is generally formed by combining wood pulp and plastic materials together, giving the resulting material numerous properties that are highly valuable for many people.

WPC Decking


First of all, wood composite is generally safer to use than standard wood decking. Since wood composite is not fully natural, it does not rot or grow algae and mold, as standard wood decking can. This makes wood composite decking safer from the perspective of being less prone to becoming slippery. It may also be textured to further help with anti-slip properties.


In addition to this, it’s worth keeping in mind that wood composite decking is also very affordable. The addition of non-wood materials into wood composite decking helps bring down the cost of the decking, which can make it more affordable to purchase as a result.

It’s generally slightly more expensive than standard wood decking, but the cost of wood composite decking will likely be spread over a longer duration of time since wood composite decking often lasts longer than generic wood decking. Therefore, you’ll enjoy vastly better value for money when choosing composite decking over standard decking materials!


Finally, don’t forget that wood composite decking can come in a myriad of different colors, depending on your preference! So, while there’s no single decking material that’s right for everyone, the versatility of wood composite decking can be a big selling point for sure if you would like to add a little splash of color and vibrancy back into your garden!

Final Thoughts

Both wood and composite decking can offer excellent benefits for your property, and this is well worth keeping in mind if you’ve been feeling unsure about how to transform your garden. However, it’s important to remember that no single solution is right for everyone. But if you have any further questions about composite decking and the benefits it might offer, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today at info@mexytech.com!

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