Wood Plastic Composite for Pergola Construction

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Wood Plastic Composites

WPC materials are a blend of ground wood particles and a thermoplastic material. The thermoplastic component can vary, however most commonly either high density or low density polyethylene is used. The wood particle material and thermoplastic are mixed and then heated into a malleable state.  The material can then be mixed with additional materials, such as a colorant, and the material extruded into the desired shape and size. 

WPC's Have Several Advantages Over Natural Wood:  

Firstly, they are resistant to the elements, including rot, mildew, and decay. They are also resistant to insects such as carpenter bees and wood boring beetles. These factors can significantly increase the lifespan and decrease the maintenance of the structures built of WPC's. 

Secondly, the presence of colorant within the material itself means that painting is not necessary, also alleviating the risk of peeling and flaking of paint. Thirdly, the customizability in extrusion allows the production of shapes not possible in natural wood including curves and interlocking 3-dimensional shapes. 

Finally, due to the plastic component of WPC's they can be recycled by melting down the material and re-extruding it into a new shape. However, there are some disadvantages of WPC's such as increased weight and usually higher upfront costs. Problems such as the weight can be mitigated by using more complex extrusion techniques, such as hollow cores, and the issue of increased initial costs can be offset by the decreased maintenance and extended lifespan of the product.

WPC Perogolas

Pergolas are outdoor structures, that are generally constructed of wood, that can serve both decorative and functional purposes and are defined by vertical upright posts and horizontal cross pieces, in some cases lattice can added to further define the underlying space. As a decorative element pergolas can provide a point of visual interest and balance the structure of a building, extending indoor spaces. They also can be customized in an infinite manner in regards to size, style, and construction.  Functionally, they can be constructed over patios or pathways to provide shade to the area beneath. They can also be used structurally to support climbing plants, lights, and hanging objects such as swings. However, outdoor structures are by definition exposed to the elements, including sun, rain, and, insects. As a result, the lifespan of pergolas constructed of wood can be significantly shortened.

The Development of WPC Pergolas Can Clearly Provide Many Benefits:

●Resistance to rot and weather. The blended nature of the wood and plastic material extends the life of the structure.

●No need to paint. The presence of climbing vines and plants can limit the ability to repaint/repair the structure without harming the growth.

●Increased Safety. The prevention of rot prevents the risk of supporting elements degrading over time. Additionally, the ability to produce complex geometries allows the use of stronger interlocking components.

●Complex shapes. The extrudable nature of WPC's allows the production of decorative elements such as arches and cornices in an affordable mass produced manner, eliminating the expense and time of crafting these elements with wood.

●Fire resistance. WPC's can be produced including flame retardant material in the wood plastic blend, decreasing the risk of fire.

Wood Plastic Composite for Pergola Construction

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