Why is Wood Plastic Composite Better than Natural Wood?

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Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) is one of the newest materials in use today as an alternative to natural wood. It is a hybrid material composed of natural wood and plastic fibers. WPC, in contrast to natural wood, is mainly made of wood composites and plastics, and has been processed to have a wood-like finish. WPC is typically utilized for decorative purposes, and the market is filled with producers who sell WPC to its intended clients. For customers who want to create wood art, WPC may also be twisted into excellent, distinctive shapes. Termites are not drawn to WPC because it combines the beauty of wood with a robust synthetic substance that lacks the cellulose found in most plants (wood).

Natural Wood

Natural wood is mostly pressure treated, but because of technological advancements, pressure treatment is no longer necessary. Instead, wood can be treated with an acetylation process, which is similar to pressure treatment but entirely non-chemical. Both procedures defend the wood against termite, insect, and fungal degradation attacks. Both processes protect the wood from any attack by termites, insects and fungal decay. There are two different natural woods, hardwood and softwood. Both can be used for decoration, depending on the needs of the consumer. Natural wood also has the beauty of natural wood, so many people use it not only for decoration, but also for walls, trellis, pergola, gazebo, etc.

Why is Wood Plastic Composite Better?

Wood-plastic composites, or WPC, are being used in a variety of construction applications in the same way as natural wood. Here's why WPC is actually far superior to regular wood and achieves better performance characteristics.

· High UV & Weather Resistivity

WPC is a composite made of recycled thermoplastic and wood flour that combines the natural looks of wood with the durability of a composite to withstand weather conditions. Building industry experts have discovered that WPC is actually considerably superior to ordinary wood and achieves greater performance attributes and screw retention due to its increased density and distinctive blend of wood and polymer material composition.

WPC is more resilient to weather than wood, but it still needs regular care and upkeep to preserve its beautiful looks and protection. Natural wood rots, warps, and weakens when it is exposed to dampness, termites, UV light, and direct sunshine. Wood requires periodic, time-consuming, and extremely expensive surface and sub-framing treatments to preserve it from harmful elements and prolong its lifespan in external conditions. WPC is therefore preferable because it doesn't need any regular maintenance and may be used for years without experiencing these usual issues.

· Stability

In addition to having the capacity to last longer with no care, WPC does not share natural wood's frequent issues of cracking, splitting, fading, and deteriorating with exposure to outdoor weather conditions.

· Cost & Maintenance

Cost is a crucial consideration in today's initiatives. In addition to the initial expenditure, ongoing maintenance charges represent a considerable expense that only increases yearly. WPC can be similar in terms of initial investment prices for certain usage to high-quality wood and other materials. But because frequent surface treatment and care are required, maintaining wood and other materials has gotten more expensive and out of reach over time.

· High Slip Resistence and It’s Splinters Free

Good quality WPC is comfortable even when on barefoot and has high slip resistance. There are two distinct kinds of natural wood, therefore a lot depends on the kind of wood and the company that produced the wood in good shape.

Wood Plastic Composite Decking

The Uses and Applications of WPC Boards

WPC boards can be used in: 

(i) Interior applications

(ii) Exterior applications

(iii) Advertisement

i. WPC boards can be utilized in interior applications like as modular kitchens, home and office furniture, wall paneling, ceiling solutions, closets, industrial sections, control cabinets and panels, bathroom cabinets, window and door frames, and railings.

ii. In exterior applications, WPC boards can be used for outdoor deck flooring, outside wall cladding, garden furniture, park seats, and fence. They can also be utilized for prefabricated homes and other exterior applications.

iii. WPC boards can be utilized for direct digital printing, exhibition stands, display boards, signboards, and graphics for advertising purposes.

Professionnal Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Products Manufacturer

WPC has many upsides over the classic wood that many people have in their homes by default. It’s more stable than the standard wood, hiking its durability up several notches, and in turn making your floors and fences last much longer. Its anti-sun aging is also another high point, along with its termite, acid, and alkaline resistant nature. It also needs little to no maintenance, no need for high class cleaning services or new paint jobs every year, it stays fresh and beautiful. WPC is designed to save the world one job at a time, the design designated to save the forests by lasting longer and in turn, saving wood.

WPC is taking the world by storm, and MexyTech is leading the charge. MexyTech is one of the best WPC (wood plastic composite) manufacturer around. We have agents all over the world, stretching from Canada to the UK to Japan and many in between. We can do anything from flooring and decks to fences and gates, all in many ranges of style and sizes. We can even make the outside of your house look as sleek as ever!  Overall MexyTech has only one goal in mind, to keep their customers happy. We work hard to make sure that at the end of every single job the customer is happy with our WPC products and services.

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