What are the Pros and Cons of PVC vs. Composite Decking?

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Decking materials are available in a wide range of widths, forms, and materials. While some individuals continue to be devoted to the old wood, others are interested in discovering more about how the modern form of wood differs. However, you must take into account some things before investigating these alternate sources of wood.

We shall examine the structure of PVC vs composite decking in this post. For you to make an informed decision, we’ll touch down the pros and cons of each decking style.

What is PVC Decking?

Polyvinyl chloride is a more prevalent substance in PVC decking. It is a type of composite decking made of wood and plastic. Its structure looks like that of a chunk of wood. But because it is a plastic-type polymer, it possesses the strength and longevity of plastic.

Pros of PVC

PVC decking has the advantage of withstanding heavy foot activity. You might not consider the foot traffic that might damage your hardwood decking when you often have gatherings, but it can get damaged. The PVC, however, is designed to endure foot activity and won't degrade as soon as people anticipate. As a result, the decking does not need to be replaced frequently.

Among the advantages of PVC are:

● Mold and moisture resistance

● Resistant to insect invasion

● Able to withstand color fading

● No need for painting or staining

● It is considered to be light and also strong

● Frequently made of recycled products

Cons of PVC

The UV radiation from the sun can eventually harm PVC. Damage results in color fading or other issues. To ensure the deck maintains its good looks over time, you frequently need to replace the boards when this problem arises.

Other cons of PVC may include:

● Some materials including rubber may produce discoloration when applied to the PVC deck

● Does not resemble genuine wood as much as a composite deck

What is Composite Decking?

The second kind of decking that we'll talk about is composite. A combination of materials is used to create the composite decking. Recycled plastic and old wood are combined in this idea. As a result, this decking is environmentally friendly and causes less damage.

Pros of Composite Decking

The environment friendliness of composite decking is a strong advantage. This deck may be categorized as green because it incorporates recycled materials. Therefore, it won't have a significant detrimental effect on the environment.

Other benefits of composite decking are its strength and aesthetic appeal. The majority of people believe that the materials used to construct these decks make them weaker, however, this is not always the case. In reality, this decking frequently has as least as much strength as conventional wood decking. Like PVC, this decking also gives customers the choice to choose from a variety of wood-style options.

The advantages are not limited to:

● It is durable and robust

● More natural-looking than PVC decking

● Various colors are offered.

● It needs fewer upkeep requirements than wood

● Can be made from recyclable resources

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Cons of Composite Decking

The composite decking may develop flaws after a long period. The deck has to have these scratches corrected otherwise it would start to come apart and look ugly. Scratches can be brought on by storms and the weather. In addition, improper lifting of the patio furniture when transferring it to the deck might result in damage.

Other cons of composite decking may include:

● Composite costs more than PVC.

● Some maintenance required

● Must be constructed on a treated wooden frame

● Over time, colors may deteriorate, particularly deeper ones.

A brand-new deck is a terrific way to increase the value of your house. However, you should be aware that decks differ according to the components utilized and the intended application. So, before building a deck for your house, compare PVC and composite decking to see which is more effective and appropriate for you.

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