Top 6 Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

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As we know it, cladding can be a great feature to protect your external home components and the entire building from damage. However, on top of that, it doubles as a vital piece to making your home arresting and beautiful. In essence, your wall cladding can completely transform not only the look but also the mood and tone of your building. It is arguably the most dramatic and practical feature of every home.

With designs that range from smart and very low-key to bold and captivating, this component can help you creatively transform your building to an entirely different level. In fact, it is the secret weapon of most builders and architects.

So, are you looking to transform your home aesthetics with wall cladding? Then, you might want to take a look at some design possibilities that we'll explore in this guide. Read on as we explore 6 exterior wall cladding ideas for you.

Hottest wall cladding design ideas you should definitely explore

Finish with multiple materials

If you don't mind your design looking a little plain, then you can settle for one material finishing. But chances are you’ll only be left with a boring design. To increase your cladding appeal, be sure to throw some diversity into the mix by using more than one material for your finishing. Try this with different materials. Experiment with metal. Don’t forget concrete. Use them together and watch your exterior stand out even more. To create an excellent depth and character, however, strategic diversity and well-mixed and placed contrasts are essential.

It goes without saying that getting your exterior unique and attractive can go a long way to help with your mood and maximize your property's curb appeal. Throwing a bit of glass in with composite wall cladding as the primary material can bring any boring design into one that arrests the interests of every observer.

Use vertical or mixed cladding orientation

Needless to say, the most conventional orientation for a cladding design is horizontal. We usually do this while making the materials run along the brickwork lines. However, why not try something pretty unusual?

Vertical cladding orientation is quite all the rage today, especially if the cladding is covering the wall's entire length. With this design, you can add a smoother and clearer linear path to your design and even create more impressions with the unusual height. Especially when you use a darker wood shade as your decking color, the appeal surges even more. It gives this modern feeling to your exterior, making it pop with colors, airy, and as well open. With verticality, you can never go wrong.

Just as you can combine different materials, you can as well combine their orientations. Using both vertical and horizontal orientation in your cladding may seem very unusual. However, check out buildings that use this. They always come out perfectly, especially if you leave it to the hands of professionals who can execute this well. When you get this rightly, the contrast in height and orientation can help you introduce a form of intrigue and balance to the building.

Charred cladding

If you want to make a bold statement with your cladding, why not go dark? This attention-grabbing design adopts the ancient Japanese wood-burning technique. With this, you can deliver a very dark finish for your cladding, making it crispy and charming. Charred cladding also ensures excellent water and insect resistance, while offering your cladding material a unique texture. This idea is making rounds most Dutch furniture designs and deservedly so. Try it and you’ll agree that it’s worth the hype it's been getting.


The flexibility of cladding design is not limited to the material and orientation. It also extends to the tone and colors. In essence, you can experiment with various tones to add more character to your building's exterior, ultimately making it more arresting and eye-catching. You can as well use different styles of cladding. This is an excellent approach to making your property unique and different from others.

Again, remember that your color choice for multitonality doesn’t have to be overly loud or bright. You can decide to use complementary dark and light wood color shades on various sections. With this, you can guarantee aesthetics devoid of distractions.

Simple is beautiful

While using one material and going horizontal with the orientation can seem quite out of date, especially if you live in urban areas, there is still beauty in simplicity. This is especially true if you’re using this style for the entire length of a higher building. Your decorations don’t have to be over the moon. You just need some windows and a contemporary front porch to make the difference and increase your curb appeal. Using medium-light shades as your primary colors in this regard can also ensure you’re keeping the looks traditional and not archaic. Mexytech mahogany works best in this regard if you’re looking for an excellent design for your horizontal sidings.

Modern + classic styles

Approaching your cladding design with a hybrid of classic and modern styles can as well maximize your home's curb appeal. Especially with composite wall cladding, you can introduce a contemporary feeling. However, getting this right involves getting the right blend of colors and materials. Take, for instance, using stone as a design feature adds naturality to your exterior. Its classic feeling is also future-proof. Blending this with the modern composite cladding will undoubtedly create a sense of contrasted balance. This will help you set a warm mood alongside the alluring feeling attributable to the classic design feature. Do this, and you’ll be more inclined to show off your exterior moving forward.


Are you looking forward to a cladding project?

Cladding is one of the few home design processes that leaves more than enough room for creativity. However, if you approach this wrongly, your intended creativity might lead you to spend on more activities. So, to help you get this right, be sure to reach out to Mexytech. Let’s help you weigh your options and you’ll be glad you contacted us.

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