The WPC Supplier of Qatat FIFA World Cup Hotel in 2022丨Mexytech

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1. The 2022 FIFA World Cup was successfully held in Qatar in December. Our Mexytech is honored to be a participant in the construction of the World Cup.

2. Qatar's luxury resort has expanded its Bay Gardens to welcome the players and tourists visiting for the World Cup. In 2019, Mexytech received the hotel's demand for customized WPC pergolas, and Mexytech attached great importance to this project. CEO Steven personally led the design team to carry out product customization and development. After overcoming the difficulties of the new crown epidemic, the delivery was completed in 2020.

3. The project will be successfully completed in 2021. The hotel is very satisfied with Mexytech's customization ability, engineering experience, and product quality. Mexytech is pleased to let World Cup players and tourists experience WPC products' environmental protection, beauty, and practicality.


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