The Current Export Situation of WPC Products in China

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The current export situation of WPC products in China is very good. COVID-19 has forced businesses around the globe to slow down than before. On the contrary, the wood plastic composite industry keeps growing even during the pandemic. According to the latest study, the growth of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Floorings from 2019-to 2021 has changed significantly. WPC Field is a promising industry because of its green concept and actual eco-friendly composition.

However, there are some challenges too. The main challenges of exporting these products are the high cost and high shipping costs. There are also some risks involved in exporting WPC products from China, as the quality of these products can be very variable.

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What are the challenges of exporting WPC products from China?

1. High Cost

With the strong demand for outdoor composite decking and the influence of COVID-19, the price of raw materials is increasing, and WPC manufacturers are facing enormous challenges through the supply chains. The high demand causes a shortage of raw materials. Especially the increasing cost of plastic makes the whole cost of WPC products higher than before. After the pandemic, almost every industry's raw material price has gone up, hoping it will go back to normal soon.

2. Shipping Cost Rise Sharply

Except for the raw material, we all know that Shipping costs have risen sharply. Since the autumn of 2020, the soaring demand, a shortage of containers, saturated ports, and ships and workers — have contributed to the squeeze on transportation capacity. Problems that had built up from the beginning of the pandemic have included imbalances in the production and demand for goods, with countries locking down and opening up at different times, shipping companies cutting the capacity on major routes and shortages of empty containers. As the recovery has progressed, global demand has recovered strongly, especially in international trade.

3. Variable Quality

The quality of WPC products can be very variable, which is a risk for buyers. There is a greater chance that products will not meet international standards.

What are the risks of importing WPC products from China?

There are some risks when exporting WPC products from China. The quality of these products can be very variable, so buyers may not be satisfied with the product they receive. There is also a risk that products will be delayed, as the shipping process from China can be very complicated.

What is the future of importing WPC products from China?

The future of exporting WPC products is very promising. The WPC market is growing rapidly and there is a high demand for these products. In addition, Chinese manufacturers are continually improving the quality of their products to meet international standards better. However, it is important to note that there are some risks involved, so buyers should be aware of these before they purchase any products.

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