SPC vs WPC: What's the Difference?

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between SPC and WPC materials? In many cases, choosing the right type of flooring for your property is difficult. And naturally, with so many amazing flooring options out there, the decision is one that you can’t necessarily make in a few minutes! Still, with this thought in mind, our friendly team is on hand to help; we’ve outlined some of the main things you need to know about SPC and WPC flooring as follows to help inform your decision accordingly.

SPC vs WPC: What’s the Difference?

In many cases, finding the ideal type of flooring for your property is hard, which may have left you wondering about the key properties these different flooring types can provide. If this is something you have been wondering about, though, don’t worry. There are plenty of top-quality solutions available, such as SPC and WPC.

Both SPC and WPC are very similar materials, on the whole. However, this can naturally complicate decisions about choosing between the two. With this thought in mind, it’s well worth considering the following points to help you understand a little more about these different materials and their properties.

- Aesthetic: In terms of looks and aesthetic appeal, both SPC and WPC are exceptional materials. You’ll never be left wanting for more with these stunning designs!

- Durability: One of the most important factors for many people (after considering the aesthetic of a floor) is its durability. Fortunately, SPC and WPC excel in this regard, providing brilliant flooring of exceptionally high quality. However, overall, SPC is slightly denser. SPC is also slightly more resistant to dents and scratches. With that being said, WPC floor materials are also very good for preventing damage from showing clearly.

- Price: While SPC and WPC are very similar in terms of price, the former is usually slightly cheaper to purchase and install. With that being said, the difference here is often negligible, so this probably won’t have much of an influence on your eventual decision.

- Quietness: If you’re looking for a floor that won’t be incredibly loud to walk across, WPC is definitely the best option. It’s much softer underfoot; however, SPC flooring isn’t necessarily loud either (though it’s marginally moreso than WPC materials).

Overall, it’s safe to say that both SPC and WPC offer excellent solutions for flooring. If you need further advice, ideas, or support to find the right floor for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly experts today; we are here to help!

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Final Thoughts

If you have been looking to invest in a new floor for your property, starting with the right type of material is crucial. Fortunately, to this end, both SPC and WPC can offer brilliant solutions. Still, if you’ve been feeling a bit unsure about which of these will work best for your own property, we hope today’s guide will have helped give you some ideas on which one may be best suited to your needs.

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