New After-sales Service丨7 Days Unconditional Return

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Because Mexytech has an excellent quality control department, we are very confident in the quality of our products. In order to make customers worry-free, Mexytech has developed a complete after-sales service process.

In order to make foreign customers feel more comfortable buying Mexytech products, we have launched a new after-sales service of 7 days unconditional return. After receiving the wood plastic products, you can return the goods to Mexytech if you are not satisfied with the quality, and we will refund the full amount after receiving the goods.

Mexytech's wood plastic products come with a 10-year warranty. We take this 10-year warranty very seriously, and our system keeps detailed records of each batch of products and packaging procedures to ensure the quality of our products. Mexytech's warranty covers each shipment, and if there is any problem with the quality of the product, it will be covered by the warranty.

Mexytech 7 days unconditional return

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