Mexytech Environmental Friendly and Advanced WPC Production Line

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1. Mexytech has a 5,000-square-meter WPC production workshop with upper and lower floors. The raw materials of Wood Plastic Composite are stored in the workshop on the second floor: environmentally friendly wood fiber powder and recycled plastic particles.

2. Raw materials are sent to the production workshop on the first floor through pipelines with 30 WPC production lines. Each production line includes: High-speed Mixer, Molding Extruder, Polishing Machine, Grinding Machine, Cutting Machine, Pelletizer, Drawbench, and other machines. The workshop is brightly lit, clean, and well-managed. The production workers are experienced, disciplined, and safe in production.

3. The outside of the workshop is also equipped with a large-scale dust treatment device to treat the waste gas produced in the production process and avoid pollution and damage to the surrounding environment during production, which shows that Mexytech attaches great importance to environmental protection.

Mexytech Environmental Friendly and Advanced WPC Production LineMexytech Environmental Friendly and Advanced WPC Production Line

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