Maintenance Tips for WPC Wall Cladding

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Keeping your WPC wall cladding in good condition can sometimes seem tricky, but this shouldn’t be the case, and in fact, one of the main benefits of wood plastic composite wall cladding is its excellent low-maintenance nature. However, many people don’t realise just how easy WPC wall cladding is to use. In line with this thought, today, we’re looking at several key maintenance tips that can help make WPC wall cladding a suitable solution for your own home or commercial property.

5 Key Maintenance Tips to Look After Your WPC Wall Cladding

Wood-plastic composite wall cladding can offer a huge range of benefits, and its low-maintenance nature is one of the main perks to keep in mind. However, it’s worth noting here that you’ll still need to look after the cladding to keep it in good condition, and we’ve outlined some of the main things you need to know as follows to help.

#1 Clean the Panels Regularly

To begin with, one of the most vital things to keep in mind is to clean your WPC cladding regularly. Indeed, as with any exterior surface, your WPC wall cladding will accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris over time. As such, to keep it looking its best, you should aim to clean it regularly to remove any build-ups of debris.

You don’t need a fancy cleaning solution, though; a simple soap and water blend will often do the trick in most cases, but you can also use a specialized cleaner if you prefer. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and let the cladding dry completely before applying any sealants or treatments.

#2 Look for Signs of Visible Damage

Even though WPC is durable and resistant to damage, it is not indestructible; as such, over time, your wall cladding may become damaged due to weather, impacts from abrasive materials, and a range of other factors.

In order to prevent further damage, it's important to inspect your cladding regularly for cracks, splits, and other signs of wear and tear. If you do notice any damage, try to make repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring to the cladding.

#3 Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

It can often be tempting to reach for a very strong and powerful cleaning product when trying to treat your WPC cladding; however, it's actually vital to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the surface and cause discoloration and other damage. As part of this, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and rinse the panels thoroughly after cleaning them to avoid any damage.

#4 Remove Any Overhanging Vegetation

If you notice any vegetation growing near your WPC wall cladding, this could potentially cause damage and degradation to the surface over time. As such, it's hugely important to keep this trimmed back, especially if you have any overgrown shrubs and trees, which can actively damage the surface of your cladding.

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Always Start with the Highest-Quality Wall Cladding on the Market

We often assume that good maintenance will be enough to keep our WPC cladding in good condition; however, this isn’t always the case. In reality, not all WPC is created equally, and some materials will need much more maintenance to keep them in good condition - and, critically, they may still wear out more quickly than lower-quality alternatives. As a result, choosing premium wall cladding is essential to ensure you’re getting a quality product that will stand the test of time.

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