How to Maintain SPC Flooring?

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SPC is a popular option for flooring. If you are going to use SPC flooring for your house or other spaces, here are some maintenance tips you need to know.

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The Principle of SPC Flooring Maintenance

When there is dirt on the ground, remove the dirt in time.

If there is a large flow of people in the floor area and the floor is worn out, the maintenance cycle should be shortened, and the number of waxing of the high-strength surface wax should be appropriately adjusted.

Do not use hard and rough cleaning tools, and forbid sharp objects to hit the floor.

Place a footpad at the entrance of a place with a lot of people to prevent the brought grit from scratching the floor.

Choose a suitable cleaning agent for regular cleaning according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

Avoid contact with the ground with high-concentration solvents (toluene, banana water), strong acids, and strong alkaline solutions.

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Different Stages' Maintaining Method

Cleaning and Maintenance after Installation

First, clean up the dust and debris on the floor.

Use detergent to remove protective wax, grease, and other dirt on the floor surface, and wipe dry.

Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

Apply 1-2 layers of high wall wax depending on the situation.

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean up the dust.

Wet mopping.

Thorough Renovation Treatment

Clean up the dust.

Clean it again with detergent.

Wash with clean water and blot dry until there is no residual detergent on the floor.

Apply 1-2 layers of high wall wax depending on the situation.

Treatment of Special Dirt

Local Oil Stains: Pour the water-based degreasing agent directly on the towel and wipe it.

Large Area of Oil Stains: After diluting the Vite water-based degreaser at 1:10, clean it at low speed with a floor scrubber and red abrasive pads.

Black Offset Printing: Polishing with spray cleaning maintenance wax, high-speed polishing machine, and white polishing pad. You can pour the strong black offset remover directly on the towel and wipe it for long-time black offset printing.

Gum or Chewing Gum: Use a professional strong glue remover to pour directly on the towel and wipe it off.

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