How to Install Wood Plastic Composite Decking?

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You may have already learned about the installation methods of wood plastic composite decking from other companies, but Mexytech installation system can help you save 50% on installation costs. Therefore, when installing our composite wood decking, please use Mexytech installation accessories.

Before installing the flooring, you need to check if the ground is level. For uneven ground, install WPC decking with Mexytech adjustable pedestals. Please check our product page for more details on the adjustable pedestals.

Installing wood plastic decking on level ground only takes three steps:

1. Install the joists. Mexytech uses aluminum alloy joists that are 4 times stronger than typical WPC joists, ensuring the stability of the wood plastic decking. Normal wood plastic joists can deform due to thermal expansion and contraction, causing damage as the boards squeeze against each other. Mexytech aluminum joists will not deform, greatly extending the decking's service life.

adjustable pedestals

2. Install the boards and clips. Place the boards on the joists and use our exclusive shark fin clips to secure the boards to the joists. Then install the next board, repeating until all boards are installed. The installation process is very simple. Compared to other companies' installation methods, Mexytech shark fin clip design firmly locks the boards in place. Unlike other companies' fasteners, which need to be fixed first on two floors and then nailed, the efficiency is doubled. In addition, the design of the shark fin clip can effectively prevent the deck from warping upwards during use.

adjustable pedestals specially designed by Mexytech

3. Finally Install the fascia joists, simply Screw the fascias onto the joists to complete installation. Mexytech's installation philosophy is simple, efficient, and safe.

Wood Plastic Composite Decking

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